How to get rid of moths

Когда из шифоньера вылетает маленькое, мохнатое и страшное крылатое чудище –  реакция любой адекватной женщины – поймать и прихлопнуть. With horror, looking into the wilds of a wardrobe, we ask ourselves – well, how to get rid of moths?

You still have to get rid of moths

Mol belongs to the family of keratophages, the main food for its larvae is a stratumary substance (keratin), which in sufficient quantities they get from wool, hairs of fur coats, fibers of carpets and clothing. Like any living creature, moth larvae are characteristic of reserving life products. Favorite place for moths – warm and dark corners.

Polita butterfly – an insect absolutely harmless to humans. But get rid of the butterfly and calm down – is absolutely unacceptable. After all, this insect is characterized by terrifying fertility. It is worth remembering that the task of a butterfly moth is the layout of the eggs, and she manages to do this throughout her life. Gulged caterpillars appear from the eggs, and it is worth getting rid of them first, which then turn into dolls, and then into butterflies. And this cycle continues endlessly. It is important that this does not happen in your apartment. For this, it is important to get rid of moths once and for all.

It is known that there are about 40 families of moths. In our apartments, we are faced with 3-4 types of moths-plane, fur coat, furniture and food.  

Problem No. 1: Get rid of paying or furry moths.

Difficult, but possible. So, winged insects, horror and awe – are not terrible. It is necessary to get rid of their invisible at first glance, relatives – eggs and larvae. The first thing to do to get rid of them is to shake all the good, stored in the wilds of the chiffonier. The matter is painstaking, but necessary. Otherwise, you will notice the results of the life of uninvited guests at the most inopportune moment on your favorite sweater. It is better to get rid of clothes already beaten by moth. The rest of the things must be sorted out, twisted, ventilated, taken out “on the white light”, that is, hold under direct sunlight.  

To get rid of moths, which has already settled in your closet with clothes, you will have to resort to chemicals. The best remedy in order to get rid of moth larvae is the old, good “dichlofos”. After processing the drug, the wardrobe must be washed, washed the clothes, be sure to ventilate everything. And of course, do not forget folk remedies for scaring moths. It is believed that Mol does not like the smell of geraniums, lavender, tobacco, orange, hops. Fumigation agents are widely represented on the market today to scare away this pest. They are unlikely to help get rid of moths, they will only help to warn her appearance.

Task No. 2: Get rid of food moths

Food moth to our kitchen very often gets straight from the store shelves. Even bearing cereal products can already be affected by larvae of moths. What can we say about the budget versions of cereals bought by weight in the nearest market.

In order to get rid of the moths that appeared in your kitchen, you will have to act decisively. The food moth multiplies in the spring and at the end of summer, very quickly, and affects all the next and accessible cereals, dried fruits.  It’s cheaper to get rid of spoiled or possibly affected products than to find in a soup once during dinner, so long and lovingly prepared, a larva of a moth. To get rid of food moths, you need to: throw away all the affected cereals; Wipe the kitchen wardrobe and containers with soapy solution, treat the slots of cabinets with food vinegar.  

The use of chemicals in this case is unacceptable. To get rid of moths and prevent its appearance, the processing of a food cabinet with an alcohol solution of tea wood oil will also help. This solution can be prepared as follows: 40 ml.   Mix tea tree oil with 20 ml. alcohol and dilute 200 ml of water. Surface processing is carried out using a spray gun.

How to prevent the appearance of moths

So that the question does not arise in the future – how to get rid of moths, you should observe a number of measures that exclude the appearance of this insect in your apartment.

When purchasing cereals, carefully consider it for the presence of larvae, web, sticky grains.

Purchase products from a trusted manufacturer in proven places.

Keep the undergraduates in glass containers, periodically check its condition.

Before removing clothes, fur coats and hats for storage, it is worth thoroughly cleaned, shaken, comb out if necessary. It is advisable to store fur coats and hats in fabric covers.

March – the period when the plane mole begins the layout of the eggs. It is worthwhile to set a goal – to check, ventilate, shake the contents of the cabinets precisely during this period.

Remember, timely detection of the pest will allow you to quickly get rid of it and keep your wardrobe intact and safety.