How to get rid of jealousy

Jealousy is a strong and very dangerous feeling. After all, as soon as a person let her into his life, you can say goodbye to calmness and trust. Few are able to get rid of jealousy, but this is not a reason to give up. Because the bet is very high – the own happiness and happiness of a loved one.

Jealousy is useless, even harmful, because it “helps” get rid of her lover or lover. A great many families felt the whole severity of this “press”. After coming to the relationship of jealousy, you need to be patience in order to be able to get rid of it, and regardless of who suffers from this “ailment”.

So how to get rid of jealousy?

Many advise to sit down and, well -reflected, understand their feelings. However, this approach leads to deplorable results. It is impossible to get rid of jealousy in this way because with such an intensity of passions, it will not be possible to calmly think in any way.

At such moments, there is a desire to break or break something, and accompanying it as much noise and abuse as possible. It happens otherwise: depression and constant scrolling in the head of treason scripts. Both options completely exclude fruitful thoughts and search for solutions.

It is very important to understand one subtlety: jealousy itself causes inconvenience only to you, and the expression of emotions caused by it destroys your relationship. To get rid of jealousy, you need to learn, at least partially, to control the situation. And therefore, for starters, we will aim at an effective “reset” of emotional garbage.

When you doubt the fidelity of your “half”, first you need to get rid of a burning desire to destroy something. Cut the paper, make chop (it is not necessary to cook them after that), but do it only when the “culprit” is not nearby, otherwise not to pass the trouble. You can just shout, just take care of sound insulation. If your beloved is nearby, then go away or send it to the store, to the library … yes wherever you like!

To begin with, such methods will be quite enough. Twisting emotions, you will save your nerves, but do not get rid of jealousy. You can get rid of it only by significantly increasing self -esteem. This is the answer to the question: “How to get rid of jealousy?”

If you are confident in yourself, then empty doubts will not spoil your life. And do not be afraid to become careless, treason (if there is such a place to be) will definitely find itself in a clear way. In the meantime, this did not happen, live a full life, completely trusting your partner!

Selflessly, without a doubt love yourself! And then you will not need to get rid of anything!