How to get rid of insomnia

Many people are tormented by such a problem as insomnia, to get rid of which sometimes it seems impossible. At least once, everyone was faced with this, perhaps, it was about episodic sleep disturbances, and possibly a chronic disease. This problem is characterized by the complexity of falling asleep, awakening in the middle of the night, sleep anxiety, which does not restore the supply of strength. We want to tell how to get rid of insomnia and provide ourselves with a full night’s rest. In an effort to get rid of insomnia, it is better to start to go in a simple traditional way to start. Try to observe the measured mode of life, and then it is likely that all problems will disappear by itself. The main factors provoking insomnia, firstly, should abandon your bad habits, because the consumption of nicotine and alcohol in large doses can lead to sleep disturbances. To get rid of insomnia, try not to drink coffee and strong black tea in the afternoon. It is better to drink a cup of hot milk with honey before going to bed. Also, to get rid of insomnia, try to spend more time in the fresh air, it is especially useful in the evening, so walk before bedtime. Compliance with the sleep regime can also help get rid of insomnia. Try to go to bed until 12 a.m. Limit the consumption of food before bedtime, in particular, we are talking about heavy food. But it will be more effective to get rid of insomnia to comply with the power regime throughout the day. Try not to watch terrible films before going to bed and not listen to heavy loud music, and do not quarrel with others, at least after dinner. In general, bright emotions, and especially negative ones, will not help get rid of insomnia in any way. Spend 15 minutes to take a warm bath with salt and soothing oil before going to bed, you will also help get rid of insomnia. Remember the saying “Morning of the evening is wiser”, so postpone all the thoughts of serious matters and problems the next day, and try not to think about it before going to bed. To get rid of insomnia, imagine a pleasant picture that will relax you and distract from thoughts about bad. If the described methods still do not allow you to get rid of insomnia, then you can use some folk remedies to strengthen night sleep. We are talking about various decoctions, which is not difficult to cook at all at home. Traditional medicine helps to sleep calmly will help get rid of insomnia a decoction of hops drunk before bedtime. Two teaspoons of its cones should be poured with one glass of boiling water and insisted for four hours. 50 grams of the next decoction, drunk before going to bed, will also help get rid of insomnia and rest fully. Its recipe is as follows: it is necessary for 20 minutes to cook 50 grams of dill seeds in a half -clip of Kagora, and then allow this mixture to brew for about an hour and strain. A good way to get rid of insomnia is a decoction of hawthorn drunk 30 minutes before bedtime. You just need to pour 20 grams of its fruits with boiling water, insist and strain. Standed tincture of five grams of the tops of wormwood and a glass of boiling water will also help get rid of insomnia if you drink it a quarter glass four times a day. In addition, you can sew yourself a soothing pillow, which you need to fill with mint, valerian, hop cones, St. John’s wort or any other herbs that relax. Just put it next to you in bed, and the aroma will allow you to plunge into a deep sleep and get rid of insomnia. If all these methods did not have the proper influence, then you should consult a doctor who will adjust the psyche and tell you how to get rid of insomnia with medicine. In addition, he will find out what exactly is related to sleep disturbances, perhaps your case will require even inpatient treatment. Some people believe that only sleeping pills will help get rid of insomnia, so instead of contacting a specialist, they are sent immediately to the pharmacy. And although many drugs are freely available, they should not abuse them, because they often cause addiction and dependence, and as a result – mental disorders. In no case should you try to get rid of insomnia, taking sleeping pills every day for more than three weeks in a row.