How to get rid of corns

Topty on the delicate feet of female legs is an unacceptable luxury for a real woman. What to do if you have an income? How to get rid of them?

First, we will understand the reasons for the appearance of corns. Toptys are small areas of keratinized skin on the feet, usually deployed on the heel, under the fingers, at the place of connection of the foot and thumb, on the thumb, on the thumb. Yellow-gray, hard to the touch, corns are formed to protect the skin and subcutaneous structure from rubbing or pressure. Seeing this on her legs, any woman will wish to get rid of them immediately ..

How the corns formed?

Definitely, corns are not formed as a result of infections and this is not an infectious disease. The reason for the formation of corns is rubbing the skin of the legs as a result:

– wearing tight, narrow shoes;

– wearing high -heeled shoes;

– wearing shoes with thin soles;

– rubbing the skin of the legs on the internally seams of shoes;

– carrying shoes on barefoot leg.

The formation of corns may be associated with flat feet or diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes mellitus.  

It is believed that human feet represent the projection of the whole organism, and the arrangement of corns on the foot speaks loudly about the disease of the specific internal organs of a person.

For example,

– Rough skin of the foot indicates a metabolic disorders in the body;

– Topysh under the little finger of the right leg – check the liver; left leg – heart problems are possible;

– rude heels – “problem” joints;

– Topysh under the thumb – you have a lack of vitamins A and B, more emotionally overstrain;

– Supervisor in the form of stripes along the outer edge of the foot – evidence of problems with the spine.

So, in order to get rid of the corns, it will not be superfluous to undergo a full examination.

What can not be done in order to get rid of corns?

To get rid of the corns:

You can not cut off the corns yourself, in the desire to get rid of it, especially if you are sick with diabetes mellitus, or other diseases leading to circulatory disorders.

You can not get involved in salicylic acid -based creams. This will get rid of corns, but can also lead to injury to delicate skin.

How to get rid of corns?

Corns can cause pain, burning when walking.  So, how can you get rid of corns?

It is necessary to eliminate, traumatic to the skin of the legs, factors: to get rid of uncomfortable, tight shoes, choose a sparing height of the heel, choose shoes with thick soles.

At home, you can mitigate corns using drugs containing salicylic acid, urea, followed by removal of softened skin with a pumice.

It is worth being very careful with the self -removal of an antoplastic using pumice. In case of damage to the deep layers of the skin, bleeding or infection is possible, which will be extremely difficult to get rid of.

It is important not only to get rid of the corns, but also to avoid their repeated appearance. The use of protective pads from Moleskin fabric, covers and sleeves for fingers, orthopedic insoles will help you in this.

Folk remedies to get rid of corns

Regular foot baths, with the next cleaning of the pumice of the upper layer of corns, will help you get rid of them. We recommended soap-lobe baths for 30-40 minutes (per 1 liter of water-3 t. l. drinking soda, 1 t. l. household soap) or salt baths (1 t. l. Salt per 1 liter. water).

Also, as a softening agent, you can use compresses from onion gruel, aloe, raw potato, prunes. Put the softening gruel on the corn, on top with a gauze bandage, wrap your leg with polyethylene, put on your socks and leave the compress at night. In the morning, carefully remove the softened skin with pumice. This will help you get rid of corns.

Operational way to get rid of corns

To get rid of corns, the use of operation is very rarely required. This happens in the presence of bone changes: bursitis, hammer -shaped finger, etc. D.  

You can get rid of corns. Approach this problem comprehensively: wear comfortable shoes, use special protective lining and insoles, more often pamper your legs with baths, massage. Show the doctor to check your health more carefully. What the hell is not joking, maybe the corns on your legs is a sign that you need to get rid of more serious problems?  be healthy!