How to get a tattoo

If you are once in your youth or in adulthood, but you did not decide to make a tattoo on yourself, and now you want to bring it out, we can make you make you-such methods are. But we will immediately disappoint all fans to solve such problems at home – to derive a tattoo of the house in barbaric methods, you are unlikely to succeed. You will only ruin your tattoo, but the worst thing is that you will go to the hospital due to complications with sore skin. The main ways to derive the tattoo on our country is a way to derive a tattoo is to make this a surgical or mechanical way, but there are a number of important restrictions here. Before you decide to trust the skill of a professional doctor, you must first discuss a number of issues with him. Here the age of a person who decided to derive a tattoo, the quality of the tattoo and the depth of its application, as well as the place where the ink “painting” is hidden are of great importance. In addition, you need to look at the size of the tattoo – perhaps in getting rid of especially large “canvases” the surgical method will be immediately refused. In order to derive a tattoo, the doctor will have to work a specialist with a special cutter, which will gradually remove the layers of the skin where the paint was applied. And remember, as a result of using the mechanical method, you will definitely have a scar on your body, which will accurately repeat all the contours of the tattoo. The second method that will help to remove the tattoo is often used in cosmetic salons and is a coagulation procedure. In order to get rid of a tattoo, a cosmetologist can use a ray of a medical laser or derive a tattoo using electric current. The essence is left – there is a point exposure to the high temperature on the skin of the body, which are under the tattoo. The skin under the influence of such an energy effect begins to die, so for the next 20 days the place of tattooing will need to be closed by a bandage from extraneous influences. Gradually dead skin particles will leave your body, and with them you will be able to withdraw and tattoos. An unpleasant side effect – the scar remains in place of the tattoo, as after a small burn. The most painless method that allows you to derive a tattoo is another effective way to remove a tattoo from your body, which has been used abroad for several decades. This method is called that makes it possible to derive a tattoo – laser discoloration. The procedure itself is distinguished by the lack of pain and unpleasant sensations, but it also lasts, respectively, the longest time if you compare it with other methods. For one visit to such a salon, you will not succeed in withdrawing a tattoo, you will need to assign a few sessions. When bleaching, the laser is exposed to the skin, but not of the same intensity as in the coagulation method. Little power laser rays as a result of prolonged radiation for tattooing gradually break all particles of paint, which was once introduced under the skin. You will definitely be able to remove the tattoo in this way, because the remaining particles of the pigment or carcass will leave your body in a natural way – through the lymphatic capillaries and blood vessels. What will be useful to know the one who decided to get a tattoo before contacting a specialist to get a tattoo, it is necessary to recall and record a number of important data – for example, with the help of which dye your tattoo was made. Indeed, it is masculine to maximum depth to the skin, in turn, the pigment obtained from burned rubber has minimal indicators in stability. Of great importance, if it is necessary to derive a tattoo, is also of the patient’s age – in elderly people, the skin cannot regenerate as quickly as younger. Therefore, for those who contacted, in order to derive a tattoo of representatives of the older generation, you may need to assign a larger number of sessions. Recently, temporary tattoos, which are made using henna, have become very popular. Such tattoos are absolutely not painful to apply to the skin, and in order to urgently remove the drawing, it will be enough for several days in a row to rub a place with a tattoo of a body scrub. Another folk method that allows you to derive tattoos with henna is to wipe the pattern with a three percent solution of hydrogen peroxide. But this is the most dangerous option, which is only in emergency cases.