How to enlarge breasts with folk remedies

Since ancient times, women dream of an elastic and sexy chest. A lot of means were invented, designed to increase the bust. A few centuries ago, the corset solved this problem: they pulled the waist, and the chest was raised, because of which it seemed more. Later, when sexuality was banned, women could no longer use this wardrobe element and they had to put cotton wool or rags in the bra in the bra. Many also tried to increase the breasts with various folk remedies.

They tried everything: the advice of friends and relatives, turned to the people’s healers and indeed did everything that was possible. Let’s look at folk remedies designed to enlarge the chest, and check what should be done and what is not.

One of the most interesting folk remedies is the Council to drink a liter of beer per day. It is difficult to imagine whether it is possible to enlarge the chest like this. Although, whatever one may say, when a woman gains weight, her bust is still increasing. No matter how sad it is, this advice will rather harm than benefit, since excess weight and alcohol are not so useful.

If you want to enlarge your breast using folk remedies, you probably caught my eye and such advice: daily before meals three times a day, drink infusion of hop cones. According to reviews, such a folk method is quite effective. To prepare the infusion, you need to steam a tablespoon of hop cones with a liter of boiling water. The infusion needs to be kept for seven hours and only after that drink. Women say that the effect is noticeable in two weeks. But this method has one significant drawback: you will have to drink this infusion constantly. As soon as you stop drinking it, your chest will become the same as before and you will have to enlarge the chest again with folk remedies.

Another folk remedy that supposedly helps to enlarge the chest is iodine nets. In fact, during the application of this method, blood flow occurs to the mammary glands, so the chest swells. If you apply this method infrequently, no problems will arise, but if you overdo it, you may have serious burns.

A pleasant and tasty folk remedy is the use of walnuts flooded with liquid honey. This folk recipe has come to us from the south and is considered quite effective. It is used by southern women to enlarge their breasts, and, as you know, southerners are famous for lush forms. For cooking nuts, pour them with honey and insist a week. To get the effect, you need to use three nuts daily. Another interesting southern recipe: eat a teaspoon of turmeric three times a day and drink it with milk.

How to enlarge breast with modern folk remedies

Let’s turn for advice to more modern folk remedies. It is believed that you can enlarge the breast using blue clay applications at night. They say that this folk remedy helps not only to enlarge the chest, but also to maintain its elasticity and remove stretch marks.

Some healers say that you can increase the breast if you increase the amount of green apples consumed, sour -milk and dairy products. Also, folk remedies often advise eating more chicken meat and fish. Although dietitian doctors relate to these tips quite skeptical.

A curious and really useful tool is the rubbing of essential oils into the skin of the chest. Almond oil, ylang-ylang, geranium oil are suitable for these purposes. To improve the effect, you need to make a mixture of all these oils, mixing them in equal proportions. To increase the bust, you need to rub this mixture after the shower with neat massage movements. This method can not only increase the breast, but also save you from stretch marks.

Of course, folk remedies will not help you significantly increase your chest. Before using any method, you need to think whether to use a certain tool and whether it will harm you. Folk remedies are often strange and have no scientific justification for their use.