How to enlarge breasts with folk methods

Women, succumbing to fashion trends, are increasingly asking the question “how to enlarge breasts with folk methods?”, Since each of them wants to look beautiful and attractive, but not everyone has a means to conduct an expensive chest enlargement operation, which would help to quickly get the desired size. Worrying the question “how to enlarge the breasts with folk methods?”, Women forget that a small breast has many advantages: it is convenient to sleep on the stomach, play sports and so on. But if it concerns the increased attention of men and the envy of women, a large breast has all the advantages. So women are looking for options on how to enlarge their breasts with folk methods.

Folk wisdom provided us with many recipes how to enlarge the breasts with folk methods. Some believe that this is self -deception, others believe that these methods really work. However, in order to confirm the effectiveness or inefficiency of the action of certain methods, you need to test them on yourself. It is worth doing it or not – you should decide, but remember that not a single method how to enlarge the chest with folk methods, unconfirmed by medicine, can guarantee one hundred percent absence of side effects and consequences.

How to enlarge the chest with folk methods: cabbage.

There is an opinion among the people that eating cabbage helps to increase the mammary glands. However, it should be borne in mind that in pursuit of big breasts you can eat too much cabbage, but there is no actual confirmation that cabbage really affects the size of the chest. By eating certain products, you can really solve the issue “how to enlarge the breasts with folk methods”, however, the total body volume increases, but whether we need it?!

How to enlarge the chest with folk methods: raw dough.

The second product, the eating of which supposedly leads to an increase in breast volume. And again there is no confirmation of the effectiveness of this method. But the probability of acquiring problems with the stomach is very great. Yes, and if you think logically: if the question of how to enlarge the breasts with folk ways to solve it is so simple, why then you need expensive and dangerous plastic surgery? Even if we assume that in theory the raw dough could affect the size of the bust, scientists cannot find in the test such substances that could contribute to the solution of “how to enlarge the chest with folk methods”.

How to enlarge the chest with folk methods: iodine and mustard.

Mustard and iodine can enhance blood flow – this is a fact. However, the use of these tools can lead to burns. And if you get burns in such a tender place as the chest, then it will not be possible to get out of visits to the oncologist, since an increase in the temperature of the mammary glands can lead to the occurrence of tumors.

How to enlarge the chest with folk methods: hop cones.

Home tincture contains phytoestrogens. Their use in small quantities will not cause harm, but if it is purposefully taking hops tincture as a means for breast augmentation, then the result may be extremely negative. Phytoestrogens can affect the reproductive sphere.

There are other methods how to enlarge breasts with folk methods. However, as mentioned above, the action of these methods has not been scientifically proven. And, as a rule, women, trying to enlarge their breasts, only cause harm to their body.