How to enlarge breast milk

The problem of disadvantage of breast milk bothers many young mothers. There are several ways to increase lactation that doctors recommend.

The lack of breast milk leads to the need to feed the baby with artificial mixtures. Unfortunately, even the best mixture cannot give the baby all the necessary beneficial substances, so it is advisable to increase lactation and feed the baby with breasts.

Lactation in the body is ensured by the hormone prolactin. It is produced accordingly of the stimulation of the breast. So, depending on how the baby sucks his chest, there can be more or less milk. If the baby sucks the breast correctly, this will help increase the production of prolactin, which means that it will improve lactation.

Most often, mothers begin to feed the baby with a mixture, believing that her own milk is not enough. According to studies, in only 3% of cases, the introduction of a nutrient mixture was justified. So in 97% of cases, in fact, breast milk was enough and there was no need to increase lactation. To check whether you need to increase lactation, check how many times a day the baby pisses. 8 times indicates a sufficient amount of food, 12 or more – that it is even a bit too much.

How to enlarge breast milk

To increase breast milk, you need to observe three basic rules:

1) Apply the baby to the chest correctly. The baby should take the breasts deep enough, while the nipple should rest against the nim. The baby’s lower lip should be turned out. So the baby can drink milk, helping himself with the movements of the jaw. If the nipple is incorrectly captured, he will ride the tongue, and the lip will injure the chest, which will lead to the formation of cracks. Naturally, this will not help increase breast milk at all.

2) feed the child on demand. If your baby asks to eat, you do not need to refuse him: timely feeding will help increase lactation, which means that breast milk will be enough. The largest amount of prolactin is released from 3 nights to 8 in the morning, so you can increase the amount of breast milk if you feed the baby at this time.

3) Relax. There are two main hormones affecting lactation: prolactin can increase breast milk production, and oxytocin helps to secrete it. If you are in a state of stress, the production of oxytocin worsens, which means that milk may not stand out, even if there is quite a lot of it. That is, milk does not disappear, but just the baby cannot suck it. If you relax on time, there will be no breastfeeding problems.

To increase breast milk, you need to follow other tips.

First of all, try to change your habits. Refuse sweet, flour, alcohol. It is also not recommended to smoke during breastfeeding. It is very important to rest in time, walk in the fresh air, just sleep.

Recipes of traditional medicine will help to enlarge breast milk. You can prepare an infusion from a teaspoon of dill seeds and a glass of boiling water, which you need to drink throughout the day. If desired, you can add sugar or milk to it. The second recipe – you need to add a teaspoon of caraway seeds to two glasses of hot water, boil them for five minutes and drink the infusion of day.

“Tea to increase lactation” will help you increase breast milk, which you can buy in children’s food stores. It includes lemon balm, caraway seeds, anise, nettles, galeg, fennel and other components that improve lactation. It is enough to drink a cup of such tea three times a day to enlarge breast milk by about a quarter.

You can also use drugs. For example, the “Appilah” tablets with the content of bee royal jelly will help increase breast milk. Moreover, this drug will increase the immunity and ability of the body.

If these methods do not help increase breast milk, consult a doctor or breastfeeding consultant. They will help you choose the optimal method for you, which will help improve lactation and improve the general condition of the body.