How to embroider ribbons

Among many types of needlework there are those that at first glance seem unusual and laborious. One of them is ribbons embroidery. The ability to embroider tapes on fabric was known in medieval Europe, even monarchs were fond of this kind of needlework. So, for example, the French King Louis XV was famous for loved by embroidering and giving the court, various cute little things from tapes. Embroider ribbons – create beauty and create a holiday! Nowadays, such embroidery is not very common, but thanks to the Internet and the now published by a large number of books, the situation is gradually changing. Embroidering ribbons becomes fashionable. Having the necessary materials and skillful hands, you can beautifully and tastefully decorate clothes, bags, linen. Such a jewelry will not go unnoticed in any company and favorably emphasize the individuality of its owner. The picture embroidered in this way will become an exclusive gift. Ribbons and bows have always been a symbol of the holiday and celebrations (decoration of cars in a wedding procession, beds for a newborn baby). Materials that are required to embroider ribbons in order to start embroidering with ribbons, you need to purchase the necessary materials (canvas, tapes, threads) and tools (needles and hoops). Any fabric can be used as the basis for embroidery (canvas). The necessary condition is the elasticity and strength of the material, so that the needle freely passes through it, and the stitches hold well. It is best to embroider cotton fabrics on the matting, plis or satin, from silk – on a mount or tweed. As an option, you can still embroider on a linen canvas. The choice of ribbons for embroidery is huge. The best are made of silk, but in our stores you can most often find tapes from organza or satin. When buying materials for sewing, it is worth checking from the seller, you can wash them or not. There are special decorative tapes used only for decoration, you just can’t wash them. Satin and silk tapes, as well as organza products, are of different widths, they need to be selected depending on the volume of the planned embroidery – the wider the tape, the more voluminous the flower or sheet embroidered with it will be more voluminous. Lace ribbons or materials with beads are used only for the decoration of solemn outfits. To start embroidering, you can take any threads, most importantly – they would be durable and fit the color of the tapes. A correctly chosen combination of threads, light fabrics and tapes gives a guarantee that embroidery will receive only higher grades and well-deserved praise from others. The main tool for embroidery in such a difficult way is the needle. It should be sharp to embroider it easily, and have a fairly large ear so that the tape passes through it easily and at the same time does not twist. Perfectly embroider with gilded needles – they do not rust and slide well in the fabric. Schools for embroidery are used the same as for other types of needlework. All materials can be selected independently in any specialized store or buy a ready -made set for embroidery with tapes. Embroidery technique so, everything is prepared to start embroidering with ribbons. The first step is to fix the tape on the fabric. You need to insert this material into the needle, tap the tip and pierce it in the center. After that, tie a neat flat knot. Then the embroidery process itself begins directly. You can embroider with ribbons using a variety of seams, many of which are usually studied at school in labor lessons. The main seams necessary to start embroidering with ribbons: • Tambourine seam. The needle is displayed and inserted back in the same place, forming a small loop, which is fixed by the next stitch. This seam is convenient to embroider flowers; • seam “half -steel with an attachment”. The needle is displayed and introduced to the right of the first puncture, the resulting half -aircraft is fixed with a small attachment; • seam “French knot”. The derived needle is wounded by the tape twice and introduced back, then it is spread into the received curls; • seam “loops in a circle”. It looks like a vestibule, but with one difference – the loops must be embroidered not in a row, but in a circle. After you finish embroidering a pattern or fragment of the picture, you should fix the tape. A small loop is made on the inside, then the needle is carefully carried out through several stitches of embroidery. Cut the tape a few millimeters to the last stitch.