How to dye your hair yourself

The appearance of hair for women is of great importance, so many seek to give them a perfect look and perfect color corresponding to the mood. How to dye your hair yourself, without resorting to the help of an expensive specialist, some tips will help.

What is needed for self -dyeing hair?

Some items that will be needed for hair dyeing:

Ceramic, enameled or glass cup for breeding paint.

Waterproof gloves (rubber, polyethylene).

Cape on the shoulders, preferably oilcloth or polyethylene.

Comb with rare teeth.

Hairpins or hair clips 4 pieces.

Special brush for painting.

Features of coloring

Painting at home requires a small dexterity and knowledge of some rules of how to dye your hair yourself:

With independent choice of paint in the store, pay attention to the numbering. The darkest tones begin with No. 1, and the lightest shades end in numbers 11, 12. If there is a desire to support their average chestnut color, then the tone of paint will correspond to No. 5.

Gray roots are painted on the tone lighter than the rest of the length of the hair. It looks more neat.

Not all paints are suitable for staining gray strands. Therefore, when buying, pay attention to the notes on the packaging.

The zone of the forehead and temples is painted last, since here the hair is much thinner than the rest. The ends will become the final stage of painting, otherwise they can begin to seize.

The length and density of the hair should be taken into account so that the paint is enough. So, 1-2 packaging is spent on the curls to the shoulders, depending on the volume of the tube.

Experts do not recommend radically changing hair color at home. Better to entrust this to a professional.

Tint the roots after 4-6 weeks. It is taken into account that the hair grows for 1 mm per week.

Only dry hair is dyed, since wet strands poorly absorb paint.

Read the instructions carefully with the instructions.

As for the staining process itself, there are also several rules here. They will help easily cope even with long strands. To begin with, the hair is divided into four parts with parting, clamping each part with a hairpin. The first parting passes from the forehead to the back of the head, and the second will divide the strands from one ear to another, passing through the crown. Thus dividing the hair into four zones, you can start painting. Start it with staining the partings themselves. Then, freeing one zone from the hairpin, they are thoroughly applied to the paint on separate strands. Thus dyeing the rest of the hair.

Tips and tricks of staining

A few more tips for dyeing your hair yourself. They will help to maintain their color and shine for the long time and avoid traditional mistakes:

The paint is not applied to the newly washed hair. They wash the head 2-3 days before the procedure. So the paint will fall evenly, and the hair will have natural protection against aggressive effects of pigments.

After staining, the head is washed after 3-4 days. Otherwise, part of the pigments will be washed off, and the curls will lose shine. It is allowed to rinse the air conditioner without the use of shampoo.

During staining, so as not to dye the skin near the hair, a fat cream or petroleum jelly is applied to it at a distance of 1 mm from the hair line line. And the paint accidentally falling on the skin can be removed with the composition prepared in advance: add lemon juice to any fatty cream.

It is advisable to rinse the heads of gray strands before painting by air conditioning (without the use of shampoo). And the staining procedure is better to start with gray areas.

Rinse the paint only with warm running water, until the water ceases to be painted with a pigment.

Special shampoos and air conditioners will help save a good color.

Immediately after dyeing, the hair is dried naturally, without the use of a hairdryer, so as not to dry them and not deprive the shine.

If after drying it will be found that the shade turned out to be darker than the expected, then the hair is immediately washed with shampoo and rinsed the air conditioner. Such a process will help to lighten the shade of 1-2 tones.

If the color was chosen unsuccessfully, then re -painting is carried out not early than two weeks later. During this time, nourishing masks are made, since with constant dyeing the hair loses a lot of moisture and nutrients.