How to do massage

Massage is carried out with various purposes. As a rule, therapeutic. Correctly made, it helps to get rid of not only pain, but also many diseases. There are quite a lot of types of massage, as well as the technique. Each species has its advantages. But do not forget that massage should first be correct.

To treat with massage from diseases, you need to take special courses where you will study the physiology and human anatomy. The incorrectly made massage can really harm the human body and contribute to the occurrence of new diseases.

How to do back massage

Back massage is considered a classic look. It is made for all diseases of the internal organs, since there are reflex zones of internal organs on the back. It is done with spinal deformations and posture disorders.

To do massage, you need to put the patient on the stomach, he must turn his head to the right or to the left. A pillow is placed under the stomach, under the ankles – a roller. Hands are located on the sides of the body.

The spine must be processed from the bottom up. The cervical department is not massaged.

You need to start massage with stroking lasting 30-40 seconds. Less prolonged stroking is needed between receptions. When stroking, the skin should not move into folds.

First you need to process the output places of the spinal nerves between the vertebrae. To do this, you need to engage in the area along the spine. You can’t massage the spine itself, you can also not move on than three fingers from the spine.

Perform strokes with the thumbs that are placed on the rib, keep the rest of the fingers by weight. Stroking, perform up and down six to eight times.

Next, proceed to rubbing. Put the thumbs on the rib and move them. Alternately two to three centimeters, one finger moves upward, followed by the other. Reception is repeated three to four times.

Rubbing is further carried out with index and middle fingers. The hand clenches into a fist and only these fingers straighten up. Repeat three or four times.

Then the palms are placed on the lower back along the spine, while the large fingers should come into contact with the spine. Hands should be turned so that the thumbs are perpendicular to the spine. Massage in circular motions towards the spine, raising your palms up to the neck three to four times. Then the same movements are made three to four times from the spine.

Having made a massage, complete it with stroking.

When massage, you need to consider some rules.

Massage rules

Massage must be done within ten to sixty minutes, the duration depends on the area.

It must be done on the most relaxed muscles, but the massive area should be fixed. To do this, the patient must take a convenient pose. When massing the back, as indicated above, a pillow is placed for the correct position under the stomach, and a roller is placed under the feet.

Massage is done along the lymph vessels towards lymph nodes.

If necessary, special massage products are used – creams, powders.

The hands of a man-mass-man should be clean, warm, with short-cut nails.

Before you make a massage, you need to know what contraindications there are.


Massage cannot be done with:

– high temperature and feverish states;

– acute inflammatory processes;

– cardiovascular, renal, pulmonary, liver failure;

– skin diseases;

– malignant and benign tumors;

– skin diseases;

– varicose veins;

– stones in the gall-brown paths;

-mental illness with signs of aggression;

– Tuberculosis.