How to clean the sheepskin coat

Almost every winner of this type of clothing is asked such a question on the outcome of the winter season. The first thing that comes to mind is to take the thing in dry cleaning. “There they will be cleaned and given to her a pristine look” – you think. This is true, but only partly. Since not every dry cleaning can clean the sheepskin coat.

You need to choose cleaners of your sheepskin coat carefully, asking in detail the receivers and looking for customer reviews. After all, it may happen that your clothes will not be able to clean, or even completely hopelessly ruin. In case of this development of events, keep the checks issued by the receiver.

If you give clothes to dry cleaning is scary, and throwing a thing reluctance, you can try to clean the sheepskin coat yourself using the so -called “folk methods”.

Pouring wine on any fabric, you need to quickly . With a sheepskin coat is also possible, only instead of salt you need to use starch or semolina. Sprinkling the spot with salt, you risk not cleaning the skin, but to get ugly and unnecessary stains.

An excellent way to clean the sheepskin coat from low -fat spots is a regular eraser that you can temporarily borrow from your child or buy in any office store.

At home, it is possible to use professional cleaning tools. You can find them in stores specializing in sales of fur and leather items. Perhaps this option is the most preferable if you want to clean the sheepskin coat safely and inexpensively. In the same skin paint is sometimes sold there.

Some spots are lended to such a solvent as gasoline. However, you need to be careful, using such a powerful tool. In each sheepskin coat there is a “spare” piece of skin on the inside, and on it it is worth trying the gasoline “therapy”. Such a test is necessary if you do not want to clean your clothes before throwing it away.

Do not forget about such ordinary means as a vacuum cleaner and brush. A soft nozzle of a vacuum cleaner (of course, included in the network) will help to clean the sheepskin coat from the dust). Ordinary dry dirt is easily cleaned with a hard brush, after which the place of pollution is treated with a soft brush (can be soap).

In the end, we will tell you how to get rid of the most frequent companion of leather things – greasy. You can clean the sheepskin coat on the sleeves and the collar by mixing a tooth powder (if you can find) with ammonia and thoroughly rubbing a tough rubber brush.

Our recommendations are ending on this, now you know how to clean your favorite sheepskin coat most effective. Success!