How to clean the iron

For perfect ironing, the sole of the iron should be smooth and easily slide over the clothes. Often, due to contaminants, ironing is accustomed to and you have to rack your head over how to clean the iron.

Most often, the sole of the iron is polluted due to the fact that you use the wrong temperature regime when ironing clothes. Do not forget that synthetic and silk fabrics are recommended to iron at low temperatures. If you stroke woolen things, be sure to use gauze moistened in water. You can clean the iron in different ways.

One of the most convenient ways to clean the iron is to use a special pencil. With it, you can easily clean the iron from soot and dirt. Such pencils are usually sold in household stores. Pencils for cleaning the iron are very easy to use. The iron needs to be heated, then grate the sole with a pencil. Wait a bit until the dirt on the surface starts a little melts. Now you can clean the sole with a rag and wait until the iron cools down. Be sure to rinse it with cold water to wash off the residues of the pencil from the sole. If when using a pencil you feel an unpleasant odor – do not be alarmed, so the ammonia smells that is part of a pencil. Be sure to wash your hands after finishing cleaning.

The iron can also be cleaned in the old “grandmother” in the way. To do this, it is necessary to spread the newspaper and pour not it a handful of small grinding salt. Warm up the iron and begin to “iron” salt. Try to press it strong enough-salt should be squeezed out from under it, and the sole to touch the newspaper. After some time, salt and the newspaper will get dark – this suggests that dirt leaves the iron. If the sole is still dirty, you can again clean it with a new portion of salt. After the cleaning ends, you need to wait until the iron cools down and wipe it first with a damp, and then a dry rag.

Soda is another simple but effective way to clean the iron. Take a little soda and dilute it with the detergent so that the gruel forms. Using a sponge, apply this mixture on the sole. Get its surface if possible prolonged and intensively. After that, the iron must be left and wash off the mixture with water. After that, it must be cleaned with a dry rag. Please note that the mixture should be applied to the cold sole.

If there is nothing at home that could help you clean the iron, use the most ordinary vinegar. With the help of rough fabric, such as an old towel moistened in vinegar, you need to grate the sole. Dirt will gradually remain on a towel. If you clean the iron immediately, continue to rub. Be sure to moisten the towel in vinegar as often as possible, since vinegar evaporates quickly enough. After cleaning, heat the iron and reward an unnecessary rag to clean it from the residues of the dirt.

It happens that rust forms on the sole, getting rid of which is quite difficult. To prevent this, pour distilled water into the iron. To clean the sole from rust, you need to pour a glass of water into the iron, in which the half spoon of antinagipine has been added. After that, you need to heat the iron and leave it for about half an hour, then gently rinse it.

You can also clean the sole from rust with the help of Cillit cleaning agent. To do this, heat the iron and turn it upside down. The product must be applied directly to the holes on the sole. Leave the iron so for about 10 minutes and turn into a normal position. You will see that the dirt comes out through the holes in the sole – it needs to be cleaned with a sponge, then rinse with warm water and wipe with a cloth.