How to clean a kettle from scale

It is impossible to imagine our life without hot drinks: morning begins with coffee, in the evening we pamper ourselves with tea. Often, as a result of frequent water heating, the kettle is covered with a crocheted, from which it is almost impossible to get rid of time. Many housewives are wondering how to clean the kettle of scale, and everyone probably has several folk recipes for cleansing the kettle.

Scale: the enemy needs to know “in the face”

In almost any water, calcium carbonate was dissolved. Когда вода охлаждена, увидеть его мы не можем, но как только вода нагревается, на стенках посуды образуется белый налет – именно он и является накипью.

For the human body, scale does not cause serious harm. The scale itself has low thermal conductivity, that is, in a kettle with a scale, water will bask longer. If you use an electric kettle, scale usually appears on the heating element, thereby prolonging the time of heating. Electrician must be regularly cleaned of scale to prevent its premature breakdown.

You need to clean the kettle every two months. After cleansing the kettle, you will immediately see the difference: the water after boiling will not be muddy, and your favorite hot drinks will change the taste for the better.

How to clean a kettle from scale

On sale you can see various means that will help clean the kettle from scale. You need to use them in accordance with the instructions on the packaging. Pour water into the kettle, pour the required amount of the product and boil water for 15-30 minutes, then leave the kettle for the same time and rinse it thoroughly.

However, there are cheaper ways to clear your kettle.

Ordinary vinegar will help you in the fight against a scope. As a rule, it is enough to take 100 ml of vinegar, pour it into the kettle and add water so that the kettle is complete. Boil this mixture and rinse the kettle with warm water.

To clean the kettle of scale with citric acid, prepare the following solution: pour a tablespoon of citric acid per 1 liter of water. Pour this mixture into the kettle and boil, then leave it overnight in the kettle and rinse it in the morning.

A non -standard but effective way is to clean the kettle with potato cleaning. All that needs to be done is to pour them with water and boil several times.

How to clean the kettle of scale in difficult cases

If a thick layer of scale has formed on your kettle, none of the above methods will help you. How to clean such a kettle from scale? Cleaning must be carried out in three stages. On the first, the kettle must be filled with water and pour a spoon of soda, after which, for 30 minutes, boil the mixture and pour it. At the second stage, to clean the kettle will help vinegar: pour water, add a spoonful of citric acid and boil again for 30 minutes, drain water. Third stage: pour half a glass of vinegar into the kettle and fill it with water to the edges, boil again for 30 minutes and drain water. If after that there is a scale in the kettle, repeat the procedure again.

The spirit of the experimenter woke up in you? Try to clean the scale from the walls of the kettle about the help of drinks “Sprite” and “Coca-Cola”! Buy any of these drinks and leave them open so that all the gases come out. After that, pour the kettle half of them and boil. Usually after that, the scale becomes loose and it can be removed with a conventional sponge.

Why is this method acting? You can clean the scale with any baking acid, as it reacts with a scale and makes it loose. These drinks contain citric acid, which helps to fight a scale.