How to choose the right polish varnish?

Today, a huge variety of materials is used in the repair of the sexes. So that their appearance is more worthy, a special varnish is used in processing. However, in order for the flooring to last as long as possible, it is necessary to choose the right varnish. First of all, you need to evaluate the wear resistance of the sexes themselves and the cross -country ability of the room, where they are going to treat the floors with varnish.

If during the day they go through the premises more than once, then the use of two -component varnishes based on polyurethane is the perfect option. Когда такой лак наносится в несколько слоев, полы обретают удивительный блеск, а если его нанести на рисунок, то он обретет объем. Also, thanks to this varnish, the entire structure of the tree becomes more embossed and clear.

Когда помещение не является самым посещаемым или проходимость в нем средняя, ​​то рекомендуется применять лаки на основе искусственных смол. However, it is worth being very careful in work, as such varnish creates a very dense layer. Therefore, so that it is more even and no defects arise, you need to apply it with a very thin layer.

Regardless of which varnish was chosen, it is worth taking care of good ventilation of the room, because the varnish dries faster in the air. And the applied soil base will help make the varnish more transparent and natural.

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