How to choose swimming glasses

For many years, lovers of water sports have developed their own strategy, which gives the answer to the question “How to choose glasses for swimming”. It has long been proven that a model of this important accessory has not yet been invented, which would suit each person, but many universal options have been developed that arrange the majority. Today it is customary to divide all consumers of swimming glasses into three groups. Determine which group you belong to the first group belong to children, adolescents under the age of 16 and miniature women. The second group of the planet’s population is the largest. It includes people of medium physique, who is easiest to choose glasses for swimming, because such models are the most produced. And finally, the third group – this is mainly included by adult male representatives with a heroic physique. Everyone who wants to choose swimming glasses should understand that if they belong to the second group, then theoretically any model for representatives of the first or third groups can approach them. But if, according to your constitution, you are considered to be the first group, you are not at all suitable for swimming glasses developed for the third category. How to choose the right swimming glasses here will depend on how often and professionally you are engaged in water sports. In the event that you are an amateur and go to the pool from two to five times a month, you should choose amateur glasses for swimming. Such a model will not fly into a pretty penny, but do not wait for the presence of softening silicone gaskets or anti -foot coating. Most likely, such swimming glasses will be equipped with an integral nose bridge, which, nevertheless, will allow you to feel in the pool absolutely comfortable. In the event that you visit the pool with relative regularity, about 10 times a month, try to choose glasses for swimming a training type. How such models differ from the previous ones – this is the presence of an antifog system. In addition, most often they are supplied with soft gaskets from silicone for more comfortable stay in the water. If you still decide to choose training glasses for swimming, you can stay on an accessory with polycarbonate lenses. This decently reduces the level of condensate, so choosing such glasses for swimming means to prevent the constant fogging of the eyepieces in advance. The next model of swimming glasses, which only professional athletes decide – starting – starting. But immediately draw your attention to the price of such an accessory, which is at a fairly high level. This is not surprising, because such swimming glasses combine the latest developments in the field of hydrodynamics. Choosing such a model means to almost forget during swimming that you have some kind of extraneous subject. If you choose starting glasses cheaper, you will receive standard glass lenses, even without a special Antifog system. How to wear swimming glasses correctly so, how to choose a suitable model of swimming glasses, we already know, now we should learn to wear this important accessory for many. Swimming glasses must necessarily fit the areas around your eyes, and they must be worn not on top of the eyebrows, but “under the eyebrows”. Adjust the elastic band – it should not cause you painful sensations, however, its goal is to press the lenses of glasses for swimming to eyeballs. You need to choose glasses so that the gum is not behind the ears on the neck, but is located on the back of the head. Flexible nose bridge installed on swimming glasses also should not cause unpleasant sensations. It is worth choosing a model with stepped length adjustment or with several bridges in the kit. In any case, you have to choose such glasses for swimming so that the bridge of the nose provides maximum comfort and is convenient to use. As a rule, most lovers try to swim with silicone sucks on lenses, but models with microporous gaskets are also produced. Silicone suction cups prevent water from getting well, however, after half an hour of using such glasses for swimming, red circles occur on the face. Therefore, people with sensitive skin are recommended to choose glasses for swimming with microporous gaskets.