How to choose olive oil

With the advent of summer, you will find a huge number of fresh vegetable salads. It is customary to season such dishes with sunflower oil, but do not forget about the olive. It acts as a magnificent substitute for oil seeds of sunflower. In addition, olive oil has an unsurpassed aroma and taste. In addition, the fact that it has a positive effect on the human body is undeniable. Olive oil is quite expensive, so you should choose it carefully, because you can buy a fake, and this, as you know, is quite unpleasant. How to choose olive oil after all? It is believed that the best olive oil is delivered to our country to Turkey. Also, in addition to the inscription “Made in Turkey”, there should be such an inscription on the bottle as “Extra Virgin Olive Oil”. This means that you managed to choose the olive oil of the highest grade. In order to choose olive oil, you need to carefully study the label on which the composition of the product should be written. The capacity that you decided to choose is also required such an inscription as “100% Olive Oil”. There are cases when, under the guise of olive oil, cheaper plant extracts are sold, which contain only part of the desired component. When you are trying to choose this product, be sure to pay attention to such a criterion as its acidity. This is a very important point. If it is indicated that acidity is below 3, 3%, then this variety is of good quality. The product with acidity is above 3, 3% should not be taken. The code is faced with the problem of how to choose olive oil, you must take into account some nuances. For example, the label may also include such inscriptions as: • Olive Pomace Oil – cirow oil. It belongs to olive only conditionally. Using it, you can hardly smell, and his taste is unprofitable. Such a product can be chosen both for cooking baking, and for second dishes. • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – the highest category of quality indicator. This is a natural unrefined olive oil, which contains a small percentage of organic acids. The aroma of such oil is pronounced. Taste – pleasant, fruit. In this product, a large number of vitamins from olives are preserved. It is most often used in the preparation of salads. • Pure Olive Oil is mixed refined and unrefined olive oils, with a high content of organic acids than in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The taste of this product is pleasant, as for the aroma, it is not very saturated. It is customary to use it both for the preparation of salads and for frying. • Lampante Oil is a product that is not used for cooking. It can be chosen as a technical component. • Virgin Olive Oil – this is a natural unrefined olive oil, which is obtained when using the technology of the second cold press. Such a product contains the largest amount of organic acids. Its aroma is saturated and pronounced. In addition, it should be said that it is no worse than oil of the highest category. So you can safely choose it. Before choosing olive oil, think about why you buy it for example, if you purchase a product for frying, then you will be completely arranged by Olive Oil. But for the preparation of salad, you should choose a product of higher categories. What else indicates quality passes? How to choose it correctly? Pay attention to the color of the oil. High-quality olive oil has a yellowish-salad shade. It depends on the type of olives and on the degree of their maturity. If you have chosen oil that has a yellowish color, then it is made of black, well -ripened olives. Also, when tasting, the taste of fresh olives should be tasted. It is necessary to store such a product in a dark cool place. The bottle should be well closed, because the oil absorbs extraneous smells very well. But choosing a metal dish for storing such a product is not the best solution, in it the oil can be oxidized. To avoid trouble in the form of the mood of the oil that spoiled you, first you should choose a small bottle. And then, if this product suits you, feel free to buy large containers. About how to choose olive oil, we told you in detail, so buy and use it with pleasure!