How to choose a yogurt

We increasingly hear information on TV that purchased ready -made yogurts provide more harm to our health than good, due to the fact that they include various artificial thickening, flavors, taste substitutes and dyes. But what to do, because yogurt is not only a delicious, nutritious product, but also very useful due to the content of living bacteria of bifid cultures in it, which allow us to normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as calcium. The conclusion suggests itself: yogurt needs to be prepared on your own. Moreover, this will not be difficult, you only need to choose the right yogurtsnitsa and stock up on high -quality starters. What is a yogurt? The yogurt is a relatively new “invention of science and technology”, which is a compact dimensional device, which has a rectangular or rounded shape. It has dense heat -insulating walls and a transparent lid. The yogurtsnitsa is called upon to maintain the optimal temperature regime necessary for the bending of cow (or goat) milk using lactobacilli contained in live kefirs or special starterfts offered to us in a pharmacy. The material and the number of cups before choosing a yogurtnik, decide whether it should contain one large bowl or still have several glasses. I will make a reservation that in some models of yogurts there are both of these options at once, which is very convenient. Then it is worth choosing the maximum volume of the product that can prepare yogurt. It can be 700 g, and maybe 1, 5 kg. If you have a large family, of course, you should choose the second option, if you are alone, it is better to choose a smaller yogurt. If you decide to choose a yogurt with several containers (as a rule, each of them has a volume of 125 to 170 ml), then you can make yogurt with different fruit fillers at the same time, which is very convenient. If you are mainly going to cook ordinary kefir or cottage cheese, it is better to choose a yogurt with a liter or one and a half liter tank. Two types of containers for the preparation of yogurt: plastic and glass. If you are not constrained in the means, then, of course, it is preferable to choose a yogurt with glass glasses, it is more environmentally friendly and safer for health for health. But it is also permissible yogurt from high -quality plastic. Management before choosing a yogurtnik, decide for yourself, you need a model with a mechanical or electronic timer. Keep in mind that yogurts with an electronic timer will not allow you to manually choose the heating temperature, which for some varieties of fermentation is fraught with overheating and damage to the product. It is very convenient not to save and choose a yogurt -containing yogurt. It is also good if it has an indicator of work and sound alert. Auxiliary functions, among other things, you can choose a yogurtnik, which includes some pleasant little things, such as: a marking system (you can mark the date of manufacture of the product on jars), a specially designated cord shutter and so on. The key to successful preparation, no matter what yogurts you are lucky enough to choose and purchase in order to make the product high -quality, you should adhere to a number of unwritten rules. During the preparation of the product, yogurtnitsa should not be rearranged from place to place and push. Yogurt, like yeast dough, does not like noise and fuss. Therefore, you should choose a fairly stable yogurtnik. The first yogurt is prepared using a special sourdough. Subsequently, you can use your finished yogurt as a sourdough, but no more than 5-7 times. Milk for the preparation of kefers and yogurts should be taken boiled and cooled to room temperature before placing it in a yogurtnitsa. Milk spilled into glasses should be covered with only one common transparent lid. The product in the yogurtnitsa is prepared on average from 6 to 10 hours.