How to choose a wardrobe for a compartment

The fact that many residents of our country have recently preferred compartment cabinets is easily explained. The fact is that if you choose a high -quality cabinet of this type, this will allow you not only to save space, but also to optimally place all your clothes. Now the wardrobe is decided to choose not only for the hallway or dressing room, such furniture will take a worthy place in the sleeping, and in the living room, and in the nursery. The main purpose of the wardrobes today to choose a wardrobe for a compartment is to find a great place for storing shoes, clothes, bedding, even books and children’s toys are perfectly placed in this roomy furniture. Modern woodworking enterprises offer a large selection of materials for the wardrobes of the coupe, you can choose your own option from a wide color scheme and different types of finishes. And if your apartment or private house is distinguished by non -standard parameters of walls or floor, you can choose a wardrobe of a compartment not from a standard solution catalog, but order this piece of furniture individually. The main varieties of the wardrobes are corner, built -in, corps and half -built. To calculate the total cost of such furniture, you must first choose what components your order will consist of. As a rule, cabinets of this type can be collected from the rear and side walls, floor, basement and ceiling. As for corner models, they differ in higher cost due to greater complexity in the manufacture and assembly. How to correctly choose a compartment cabinet – we check the main components in any cabinet, as a rule, there are sliding doors that move along the guides using rollers. Such guides are made of durable plastic, and it is important to ensure that the rollers are equipped with ball bearings – in this case, the door will move smoothly and without jerking. And if you select rollers with special spraying when ordering, this will make the door movement almost silent. If you do not know which profile to choose to place the cabinet door in it, we advise you to stop on the aluminum version. It has a large thickness compared to steel, so this design will be more stable. The only remark is if you choose an aluminum profile, such a closet will cost you a little more. How to choose a door system, usually cabinets of compartment are made with two types of door systems: Lower Opopard and suspended. In the case of the suspension system, the door moves along the upper guide using rollers, and the lower guide only performs the fixing function. Choosing such a wardrobe for a compartment means ordering furniture at a higher cost, because for a suspension system you need a more rigid frame. If you opt for the bottom system, the door will move along the lower guide on the support roller, in which case the upper bar only performs the supporting function. As a rule, the last system is decided to choose in the case of a cabinet model with a massive or too heavy door. Depending on which door finish to choose, your wardrobe will perform completely different functions in the interior of the room. For example, in small rooms, wardrobes with mirror doors allow you to visually increase the space, and models with beautifully finished wood doors are well suited for bedrooms. If you decide to choose a wardrobe for storing books, you will most likely need glass doors, and the cabinet with open shelves will look good in the living room. For the hallway, it is worth choosing a wardrobe equipped with built -in lighting – this will allow you to dress with great comfort every day. What to proceed, if you need to select the case and internal content as the main working material for the production of doors and the cabinet body of the compartment, MDF, fiberboard or chipboard are used. The main advantages of these materials are high strength, durability, while you can choose from a wide palette of color options. As auxiliary materials for doors, you can choose mirrors, glass, plastic, natural wood or combination of different elements. Inside, each cabinet of the compartment is a team of various shelves, partitions, crossbars for clothes, drawers, mesh baskets and other functional elements. It all depends on the flight of the customer’s fantasy and the amount that he is counting on, because the more elements you decide to choose, the more expensive you will cost you a wardrobe. Various combinations from mesh elements inside the closet have been very popular recently. These elements are practical, have light weight and can be placed in any order that suits you. The air in them freely circulates, which will not allow the clothes to lie down or damp.