How to choose a spinning

If you are fascinated by such an exciting activity as fishing, then one of the main tasks of the novice fisherman is to choose the right spinning. Today, fishing in this way is considered the most popular in the world, annually in many countries spectacular performances of athletes and competitions with a large prize pool are held. What is spinning? To choose a spinning, first you should know its composition. So, a set of fishing tackle consists of a coil, rod, fishing line and bait. Due to the fact that you throw the bait into the pond, and the coil gradually wrapps it, predatory fish reacts to this process. And as soon as she swallows the bait and begins to fight for survival, you can experience on your own experience, whether you could choose the right spinning. Qualitatively choose spinning – let’s start with the material the most affordable category of spinning rods – carbon fiber, they are also called graphite, carbon or simply coal. When choosing a material for spinning, you should not purchase the cheapest models, it is better to look at the rods of more durable fiberglass. As always, to choose a quality product, you will have to be guided by its price characteristic, remember that the higher the cost of the rod, the more sensitive and easier, however, more fragile. How to choose a reel and handle handles for spinning rods are made from different materials, but most often neoprene or cork is used. Most spinning rods are available with cork handles, although experts recommend choosing neoprene if you plan to fish in sea water. To the touch neoproble is colder than a cork, but this material does not deteriorate under the influence of salt. Be that as it may, before choosing a spinning, hold it in your hands for a while. With which handle it will be more convenient for you, that material and purchase. In order to choose a coil holder without problems, you will need to take a coil with you to the store, with which you plan to fish. If there are no compatibility of these elements of questions, you can safely purchase details for your spinning. How to choose rings The most important parameter when choosing rings is their lightness, and to achieve this, you need to correctly choose a ring frame and a ceramic insert. After all, the easier the ring will be, the more balanced your tackle will be. Silicon carbide inserts are very popular, and remember the better the rings are polished, the more distance you will be able to abandon the bait. If there are too many rings, the rod can be overloaded, and if too little, the spinning can completely break. Spinning length, test and system experienced fishermen believe that for starters it will be optimal to choose a tackle with a length of two and a half to 2, 7 meters. Unless you like to make fish from the shore on a wide pond – then you should choose a spinning spinning up to three meters long. Remember, the length of your tackle affects the movement of bait in the water thickness, the range of baiting, and how quickly your hands and lower back will get tired. So, long rods are perfect for fishing from a boat, and short ones have an undeniable advantage – lightness and mobility. A test is an important parameter that affects the choice of spinning. As a rule, the manufacturer indicates this value near the handle of the tackle. Experts recommend better choosing a spinning with a dough from 2 to 25 grams, and remember that value 5 means a test for a regular turntable, and 25 grams are suitable for water spaces with a large depth and fast flow. The next important parameter that affects which spinning to choose is a system that characterizes the degree of maximum bond of the rod when fishing or when casting. Distinguish between a quick, medium and slow system: if you decide to choose fast, it means that only the upper part of the rod will bend. If you choose a slow system, your spinning will be completely bending during the fight against particularly large prey, but the average system means an intermediate degree of flexibility. If you plan to apply smoothly with a distant casting of spinning, it is better to choose a slow system that will level fish jerks. A quick system is well suited for sharp cuts and accurate casting, it is better to choose such a parameter for increasing sensitivity when fishing for spinning. How to choose a spinning, advice to beginners if you are just starting your career as a fisherman and are still not sure which pond and which fish you will catch, it is better to choose a spinning in the middle price category 2, 1 meter so that it has a test from 10 to 10 to 30 grams. To choose the right “duty” spinning, just in case, you can purchase a tackle with a composite rod, better than a telescopic type.