How to choose a sheepskin coat

To select a suitable and high -quality sheepskin coat, you need to know the basic requirements and rules for choosing this product. You should not be fought for frantic discounts, this is the first sign of low -quality goods.

The cost of a sheepskin coat

The high cost does not guarantee the highest quality, but it is also not recommended to purchase a cheap sheepskin coat. The cost of the sheepskin coat consists of the cost of the material, the work of manufacturing, transportation, well, it does not do without a store of stores. Naturally, the material from which the sheepskin coat is made cannot cost more than the finished product.

The cheapest sheepskin coats are produced in Turkey, Russia, China. Russian -made sheepskin coats are warmer, but quite heavy and not as sophisticated as from European countries.

In terms of cost and quality, the production of French, German, Spanish sheepskin coats, but their main drawback, they do poorly with Russian frosts.

Of all the materials, a fur velor from sheepskin skin is considered warm, has high quality and a long service life. Their skin is distinguished by its density and density of fur. Australian skins are also not inferior in quality and durability.

Spanish velor in comparison with British skins is very soft, elegant and light. Sheepskin coats made of such material are unsuitable for severe frosts. But visually very beautiful and elegant, cut is possible a variety of difficulties.

Determination of sheeps in quality

Determining the high indicators of the quality of the sheepskin coat is easy. On the front side, having spent on the material, a clear trace will be traced. Fur velor during the examination should be soft, light with uniform villi, the villi of the fur should be laid in one direction. Various defects (spots, raids, scratches, ospin and traces of paint) should not be observed on the front side. The material being examined is necessary that it is protected by a water -repellent film, this will provide an equal, non -alpine surface, suitable for any atmospheric humidity. The seams are even, folds or wrinkles should not be observed. Mandatory absence of sticking threads. It is necessary to lack pungent odors. The marking indicates the most detailed information, courtship rules during operation. Each such product has a certificate that ensures safety in perfect condition after dry cleaning.

When choosing a sheepskin coat, it is advisable to contact special stores, but certainly not to the market. The manufacturer indicated on the label is best suited to Canadian or Finnish. Although their cost is large enough. Cheaper manufacturers and characteristic of quality will not be much Romanian and Yugoslav.

You can save by purchasing a product at the end of the season, at this time their cost will be half as much as. The guarantee for the goods must be, within six months from the start of the season.

The quality of the cut can be determined by trying on, a thing, if it sits smoothly and does not slide anywhere, you can be sure that the sheepskin coat is sewn efficiently. The plates along the entire length of the product should be uniform and soft. The quality of the color is checked by a damp cloth, if there are no traces left on the fabric, it is painted well.

The optimal service life of a good sheepskin coat is determined in three years.