How to choose a hospital

You will soon have a baby in your family, and one of the main issues that excites future parents – which maternity hospital to choose for such a responsible event. You can contact the maternity hospital at the place of residence when the fights, but today any woman can choose not only the maternity hospital, but also the doctor for such a significant moment. No need to postpone such an important solution until the very birth – even if the expectant mother is perfectly healthy, unforeseen circumstances can arise at any time, and therefore it is better to choose a maternity hospital in advance, calmly examining all the options. The specifics of the maternity hospital should finally choose you should be no later than the 22nd week of pregnancy. At the first stage, the determining moment will be health problems – poor vision, infection, the threat of termination of pregnancy, diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes mellitus. Then the doctor will direct the woman to the hospital, specializing in such cases. Doctors there have extensive experience in conducting births in women in labor with related diseases, if necessary, a specialist of the right profile will advise you and observe the baby. Also, special laboratories are equipped in such maternity hospitals for quick diagnosis. If there are no particularly dangerous diseases, you first need to find out various information that will help you choose the best maternity hospital. Now in many courses for pregnant women in women’s consultations you can visit the hospital, see the conditions for staying there with your own eyes. The location for many is an important factor that will help choose a maternity hospital will be its location. The distance may be important in an emergency case – at rush hour, with traffic jams around the city it will not be possible to get to it so quickly. Reviews to successfully choose a hospital, you must also find out what kind of reputation is it. Conversations with friends, relatives, acquaintances, information on the Internet, communication in parental forums, where positive and negative reviews about this hospital and about a particular doctor will help you choose the best option. The “Rating of maternity leaves” is also popular – this factor can be used along with others. In the final decision, it is necessary to rely only on your priorities, but all the nuances should be taken into account. Qualification and experience of a doctor, equipping a maternity hospital to choose an obstetrician-gynecologist-this can be even a more important task than to choose a hospital. The doctor who will take birth will be directly observed no later than 36-37 weeks of pregnancy. The specialist must meet your medical card and watch you before childbirth. With him you will discuss all issues that concern you, because trust in the doctor is an important factor during the period of gestation and birth of the child. It is worth choosing a maternity hospital that has modern equipment (artificial respiration apparatus, blood transfusion station, dopplerography, ECG, brain ultrasound, echo-cardiography). You can find out if there are departments for premature children, intensive care; What anesthesia is applied and your doctor’s attitude towards him; Whether non-drug methods of pain relief are used in the period of fights-balls, bath, massage, rocking chairs. Conditions in the hospital • The prenatal department is the comfort of the chambers, how many people they are designed, staff qualifications, the presence of a shower, toilet, food, is there a Swedish wall, fitball; • Maternity hall – the necessary equipment, the ability to choose a duration of delivery, for example, vertical birth; • postpartum department – a joint stay with the child, what staff, the comfort of the chambers – shower, toilet. Here everyone can choose according to their criteria-someone wants to be in an individual paid ward, and someone, on the contrary, will be more comfortable with a neighbor; • Children’s department-it will be optimal to choose a maternity hospital in which there is a children’s resuscitation, qualified neonatologists, attentive children’s nurses who can tell a lot in caring for the baby; • additional service services – is it possible to choose the type of anesthesia in this hospital, whether joint births are practiced, and what is necessary for the presence of childbirth (necessary certificates), the presence of paid chambers and the procedure for visiting relatives; • all maternity hospitals at a certain time of the year are closed to planned sanitary processing, so as not to choose one that will simply not work at the right time, you need to find out this information; Another important question is the prices for services in the hospital. Before you finally choose where you give birth, you must have such information. It is important to know this in advance in order to make a decision whether to give birth with a duty team, to use paid wards, because each family can spend only a certain part of their family budget on childbirth.