How to choose a bicycle

A bicycle is not just an affordable and convenient type of movement. This tool helps to maintain itself in shape, to regularly be in the fresh air, which is really important with a modern life pace. A huge selection of bicycles is presented on the modern market, which differ from each other in both price and functionality. How to choose a suitable bike? First of all, you need to decide how often and in what conditions you will use it.   Most often, buyers try to choose from three types of bicycles.

How to choose a road bike

At first glance, it seems that choosing a road option is the easiest way. The road bike is the simplest and most unnecessary models that have sufficient reliability and versatility, but practically devoid of all kinds of amenities. Such models should be chosen for a summer house and not too long trips – to the store, for a short walk. A feature of road models is a low price.   Before choosing a road model, decide whether this option is suitable for you.

In order to choose the right road bike, you need to pay attention to the following points:

– The strength of the structure: despite the fact that the road version is the most affordable bicycle, its design must comply with the requirements of strength and reliability;

–  The turnover of the model: often road models have impressive dimensions, which makes them clumsy, choose simpler and lighter models, a heavy option is not suitable for a woman;

–  wheels size: a small wheel diameter will not allow you to take walks along the area with rural roads.

One of the main reasons that encourage to choose a road option is its inconsistency. The thiefs are unlikely to get on such an attribute.  

How to choose a walking bike

A walking bike is a more comfortable type of transport, which is equipped with functional details that provide comfort during the trip and ease of operation.   Before choosing a walking version of the model, keep in mind that such a bike will not withstand high loads, and if you are going to a serious cycling, then you should already choose a mountain version or other, more sports and professional types of bicycles.

A walking bike should be chosen by those who like active trips outside the city, small bicycle travel, and also use a bicycle as a means to get to work or go to stores.

To choose the right walking bike, pay attention to the following points:

– The presence of a front or outline of the shock absorber: walking models should be equipped with such a part, the shock absorber smooths tremors while overcoming small obstacles (holes, bumps, irregularities on the road);

– Number of speeds: good models offer from 7 to 21 speeds, which will allow you to feel comfortable on long distances and adjust the speed of its movement;

– Planting: The most suitable option is a completely vertical landing, which will eliminate the appearance of fatigue in the back and hands, which is important for long journey.

How to choose a mountain bike  

One of the most common types of bicycles is a mountain. Those who are really keen on a cycling -train strive to choose such models. Mountain models can comfortably move both in asphalt and off -road. Mountains are represented by a wide choice of models, among which there are traditional, intended for amateur driving and professional, used for highly specialized sports.  

In order to choose a mountain bike for amateur bike rods, just pay attention to the following parameters:

– The presence of functional elements – mountain bicycles are characterized by a higher cost, therefore, you need to demand more from them: the model should have a soft seat, trunk, footboard, attachment;

– a strong design that can withstand movement not only on asphalt, but also on forest paths;

– the presence of a light frame with a variable wall thickness – this approach increases the strength.

The main factor with which you need to decide before choosing one or another model of the bicycle is the price range – how much you are ready to spend on the purchase. Based on this, you can choose the suitable model for all parameters. You should also not neglect the advice of professionals in specialized stores that can provide a qualified consultation.