How to bleach the skin at home

In this article, we will consider folk methods of bleaching the skin of the face, neckline and hands, because you can not be beautiful and well -groomed places.

In the nineteenth century, it was believed that the girl’s pale skin was a sign of nobility, leaving a noble family. And, although in our time, bronze, chocolate tanning and a huge selection of new -fangled and not cheap products in the cosmetics market are in fashion, many women have problems such as freckles, age spots, and gray tired face. In this case, even a huge selection of all kinds of tonal creams can not cope, unless, of course, you put it in a thick layer, which will not look complimentary when you look at you, especially in the rays of daylight. In this regard, I want to share one recipe that my grandmother told me. By the way, she lived in the village, spent a huge amount of time in the garden, while always had a well -groomed fresh look. And the whole secret in the eggs! More precisely, in the squirrel.

Mask for whitening the skin so, a mask recipe: break the chicken egg, separate the protein from the yolk. White must be slightly beaten to obtain a more homogeneous mass. Apply on a cleansed face (you can just with your fingers). An important point – while the mask is, it is not advisable to talk, and even more so, laugh. The yolk has the ability to harden and with the manifestation of emotions can stretch the skin. And do not forget about the neck and neckline, it is these zones that women often give out the age of the woman. After applying the mask, it is best to lie down in a calm atmosphere and wash it out in twenty minutes with warm water. Believe me, the first time you will not recognize your face, the skin will become lighter, fresh and more tightened! In addition, protein also helps narrowing pores by tightening the skin when dried.

Mask to eliminate black dots besides everything said, I want to pay attention to such a frequent problem in women as black dots on the nose and less often on the chin that must be whitened. There is also a proven recipe to solve this problem, which is easy to do at home. You will not believe it, this is an ordinary soda! It is necessary to wet a cotton pad with warm water, dip it into soda and rub it with circular motions slightly into the skin in problem areas. The procedure must be performed for 3-5 minutes and preferably every day. After the month you will notice that the points have become fewer, and those that remained light. Therefore, now it is necessary to maintain the result and repeat the procedure once a week.

Not unimportant detail – our hands. With age, they become rough, gray, wrinkled. Potato puree will help to solve this problem. It is necessary to boil the peeled potatoes of medium size, knead with a fork and mix the resulting gruel with a teaspoon of lemon juice and vegetable oil. Put this mixture in warm form on top and leave for fifteen – twenty minutes. Wash off with warm water, apply a softening hand cream.

Love yourself and be beautiful!