How to bewitch the guy at a distance

There is no more sad situation than unrequited love. It would seem that you are doing everything possible to like him: you look good, you are interested in his hobbies, you try to be the best, but there is no sense. In such situations, girls often go to extreme measures and try to bewitch the guy at a distance.

Since ancient times, various love love spells have been popular, which helped girls attract the one who they like. Before bewilder your loved one at a distance, you need to carefully consider this step. You should not make a love spell ritual, if it’s just a hobby and you really don’t like a guy. The situation is always possible that he will cease to be interesting to you, but to remove the love spell is not so and simple.

If you still decided to bewitch the guy at a distance, use one of the magic rituals for which the distance is not a hindrance.

You will need any wardrobe item of your beloved and a candle made of dark wax. You also need to make a clay figure personifying the one you want to bewitch at a distance. After all the preparations are completed, you can proceed to the ritual. The candle needs to be lit and in its light wrap the clay figure in the clothes of a loved one. After that, you need to take three small needles and read the following slander: “My beloved, bewitch, touch me in the night darkness, touched my soul, wake up with my name, do not look at me, come to me”. After reading the slander heatedly on the flame of the candle, one needle and put it in the head of a clay doll – so you will make him think about you and bewitch it at a distance. The second corner is stuck into the region of the heart so that it loves. The third needle should be stuck in the inguinal region – to cause his passion. At the end of the ritual, you need to get needles from the doll, wrap them in white paper and hide so that no one but you could find them.

If you get the guy’s clothes, for the ritual, you can use a photo of your favorite. To bewitch the guy at a distance, you need a photo in which he is depicted one and in full growth. The principle of the ritual is the same, but instead of a doll and clothes – a photo.

Most often in order to bewitch the guy at a distance, use candles. For the ritual, you need to take three candles, a few spoons of honey and a small glass. Water is poured into the glass and honey is diluted in it. Water should be drunk with small sips, after which the left hand is tied with a black cloth. To bewitch the guy at a distance, you need to light the cooked candles and say: “Inflap with me love like these candles. Be with me next to me – I will answer you!”. After that, the guy begins to feel a love heat and seeks to meet with the one who bewitched him.

This ritual helps to bewitch the guy at a distance, but it is a little dangerous. If for some reason the love spell does not succeed, you can damage yourself. So that this does not happen, carefully make sure to properly conduct the ceremony. During the ritual, no one should see you. It is also advisable to remove the icon from the room.

If you bewitch the guy at a distance on your own, you can seek help from experienced sorcerers for help. But be careful and try not to get to the charlatans: they will take money from you, but will not follow the result.

To bewitch the guy at a distance, the magical rituals are not enough. It will be best if after a love spell you try to meet with him as soon as possible. So you will strengthen the action of the love spell. Even if the ritual did not work for any reason, you will simply draw the attention of the guy, which will not be completely superfluous.

Remember that you can’t rely on magic rituals. Perhaps you need not to think how to bewitch the guy at a distance, but just get dressed well, make makeup and communicate more with the object of adoration. loading…