How to apply a tonal cream correctly

The question “How to apply a foundation correctly?”Probably arises in every second woman. There are a huge selection of creams in different price categories, from different manufacturers and with different effects. How not to be mistaken?! Here are a few simple tips on how to choose the right and how to apply a foundation correctly.

It is necessary to select the cream according to the type of skin and age. If the cream is chosen correctly, and you know how to properly apply a foundation, then hide small skin defects, roughness, acne and spots will not be difficult.

Answering the question “How to apply a foundation correctly?”, It must be borne in mind that the cream is the basis for makeup, and any cosmetics subsequently applied will look much more natural and attractive if you did everything right. Despite the wide selection of creams, they differ, in fact, only the degree of transparency and consistency.

Before moving on to explanation of how to properly apply a foundation, another small nuance. If you have already selected a foundation, according to the type of your skin, pay attention to the shade of the cream – it should be combined with the tone of your face.

How to apply a foundation: preparation.

Before applying the base, the face must be cleaned, the face must be greased with day cream and wait a couple of minutes while it is absorbed. The remaining cream must be bloted with a towel, preferably paper. If you do not fulfill these recommendations, then the foundation will lie uneven.

How to properly apply a foundation: application.

The basis can be applied using a special sponge or just fingertips. Regardless of how you do this, never apply the base in large portions, then the tone will be distributed evenly and will have a natural look. Thinking about how to properly apply a tonal cream, remember that day and evening makeup differ significantly in color scheme. In the afternoon, it will be enough to apply a translucent basis on the central areas of the face, and distribute the remaining creams in the remaining areas. In the evening, you can take the tonal base for the tone darker, but it also should not look like a “layer of plaster” on your face. Apply the basis for daylight.

How to apply a foundation to properly: fixing the effect.

After applying the cream, wet the areas that borders on the hair, and the lower sections of the chin and cheeks with a paper towel.  How to apply a tonal cream to properly, so that the skin looks velvety? Very simple, apply a little powder on top of the base. Professional makeup artists advise sprinkling a little face with a tonal basis with a spray -off water, which will well fix the base and give the makeup a more natural look.