How they give birth to children

Pregnancy is the most pleasant and exciting event in the life of every woman, because she is preparing to give a new life. But when it comes time to give birth to children, many women begin to feel a sense of anxiety. Many of the expectant mothers at the time of birth already have an idea of ​​how they give birth to children, understand the sequences of this process. Information of pregnant women has now reached a good level, so giving birth to children has become easier. Of course, they know the best of all how children give birth, obstetrician-gynecologists.

Doctors distinguish three periods of childbirth, by which one can understand the essence of the changes that occur. The first stage of the birth of children is the period of disclosure. In the physiological sense, this is the expansion of the cervix. This process begins to occur in response to acceleration of regular fights. In most cases, before childbirth, the future mother understands that the child is preparing to be born. Evidence of this is the contractions of the uterine muscles that gain intensity. The woman in labor should go to the hospital to give birth to a child when the breaks between the fights reach ten minutes. In the first period – the period of opening a woman should not stop moving. She should slowly move, breathe correctly, it is desirable to take a warm shower. If there are unpleasant sensations in the lower back, you need to do easy massage.

The second birth period of children is the expulsion of the fetus from the uterine cavity. At this time, attempts should join the fights. They can be characterized by both arbitrary and controlled by the future mother abbreviations of the abdominal press. It is at this time that the child with the help of the expectant mother moves along the birth canal and is born and is born. If the child’s birth process occurs without complications, the child goes forward forward.

The third period of the birth of a child is the rejection of the shells and placenta. Its duration is about half an hour, it is during this period that the last. If the latter does not appear after the specified time, obstetricians take emergency measures and extract it, checking for integrity so that its remnants do not remain inside the uterus. If the birth of a child was accompanied by ruptures or cuts, doctors perform the necessary operation. After that, the woman in labor remains in the maternity room for several hours under the supervision of doctors with a heating pad on the stomach.

Does it hurt to give birth to children

Any pregnant woman experiences some fear before the birth of a child. Moreover, many expectant mothers are not afraid of the process of childbirth, but pain and complications that can be caused by childbirth. For a modern woman, the birth of a child, provided there is no painkillers, seems dangerous.

Studies of many scientists prove that the birth of a child is a harmonious natural process, therefore, like all natural processes in the human body, it is associated with minimal pain. During natural normal genera, pain can appear during the last fights and during attempts. Therefore, the total duration of the painful period of the birth process of the child is from fifteen minutes to four hours.

Pain during contractions, as a rule, are caused by stress, which prevents the uterus of normally contract. Stress, in turn, is caused by fear. Fear – as a result of a wary expectation of danger performs a protective function. Therefore, during normal childbirth, it is on the mental state of a woman that the presence or absence of painful sensations depends.

To avoid the occurrence of unreasonable fears, get ready for the birth of a child. Attend the courses of prenatal training, on which experienced instructors will help you understand the psychology and physiology of the process of birth of children.