How much water you need to drink per day

Recently, the question of how much to drink on the day of water is interested in many. Experts give recommendations on the pages of magazines and newspapers, from TV screens and on the Internet. These tips are reflected, of course, in medical literature. A person should drink at least two liters of water per day.

Our body reacts very sensitively to the lack of fluids, hematopoiesis and digestion processes are disturbed.   If you do not drink enough water, the body will not be able to maintain a constant temperature. The water is responsible for biochemical intracellular reactions, provides lubrication for all joints, help the body get rid of harmful substances, excreting them through the intestines, kidneys, lungs and kidneys. With the normal course of all human life processes, the body loses up to two liters of fluid per day.

Two liters (or eight glasses) of liquid per day need to drink to a person who has average weight. A person suffering from excess weight needs to add one glass to this norm for every extra eleven kilograms per day. Also, the amount of liquid must be increased in hot and dry weather, and if you play sports. It is preferable to drink water cold, since it is absorbed faster than warm. In addition, drinking cold fluid helps to burn calories.

When a person drinks enough fluids per day, in his body the fluid is perfectly balanced. Then:

– fluid reserves are reduced, excess fluid is excreted;

– the work of endocrine glands improves;

– Natural thirst returns;

– a larger amount of fat turns into fuel;

– A person experiences a smaller feeling of hunger in the evenings.

How to accustom yourself to drink the right amount of water per day

For many people, drink the norm of fluid per day equal to two liters is not such a simple task. To accustom yourself to this, you can resort to some tricks:

– Turn up with your loved ones, which of you will drink more on the day of water;

– Put a large glass of water in those places in which you are most often attending: at the workplace, at the computer table, near the bed;

– make you drink at any moment of the day, as soon as you feel thirsty. To do this, put a plastic bottle of water within reach;

-If you drink orange, apple, grape juice, you need to pour only half a glass of juice, supplement the remaining space with water;

– If you begin to experience hunger at the sight of harmful and fatty foods, you need to immediately drink a glass of water. You will get a feeling of satiety, avoid extra calories;

– you need to drink a glass of water every hour during the working time. Your fluid rate per day will be drunk when the working day is over;

– Replace coffee and tea with a glass of warm water with a drop of honey;

– Put a large glass of ice on your desktop and fill it with liquid several times a day. You need to drink using a straw;

– It is necessary to freeze small pieces of oranges or lemons and use them as ice. You not only freshen up, but also provide the body with vitamins;

– After going to the toilet, drink a glass of water;

– Refuse any carbonated sweet drinks until you drink four glasses of water per day. You will be surprised to find that you no longer want to drink sweet soda;

– For each piece of eaten fatty foods, you need to drink half a glass of water;

– you need to drink a glass of water after each meal during the day. You also need to drink a glass of water to each snack;

– You need to carry a small bottle of water with you so that you have the opportunity to drink at any time;

– After waking up, drink two glasses of water.