How much does the apartment renovation cost

Repair, no doubt, is a very expensive enterprise, which not every of us can decide on. We can save for repairs for quite some time, but the money can still end very unexpectedly, since not every one of us has information about how much the apartment renovation costs. Naturally, the repair carried out on their own will cost much less, and many of us, in order to save, make it on their own. But often such actions are not accompanied by appropriate knowledge, and therefore, after a while we are forced to observe peeling wallpaper and crumbling plaster, and linoleum begins to puff … That is why, it is best to carry out repair work by high -class specialists and how much they cost them services, on average, we will talk below.

So, calculate the cost of work in 1-2 thousand rubles per square meter, if you make cosmetic repairs. In the case of the capital, the price jumps up to 5-6 thousand rubles. As you know, quite average rates were presented above, for which, however, you can count on high -class repairs made with a high level of professionalism. Depending on the company, the complexity of work, their scale and type of materials, the cost can reach up to 10 thousand rubles per square meter, and may be higher. Now you know how much the apartment is repair, and you can calculate the cost of services approximately. Naturally, more accurate figures can only be after the object of repairs is inspected by a specialist, the list of works and the materials used will be discussed.

The repair very often used building materials of the highest class, especially if you want to create really – the perfect and exclusive interior. Naturally, only a qualified specialist can work with such materials, whose services can cost very, very expensive. But you have to pay for beauty, and no one else will simply be able to cope with this finish at a high level. Remember that the most expensive finishing material may be thrown into the trash if a person does not know how to work with him. The highest operational characteristics may be lost as a result of improper operation of this material. So, if you do not want to have standard repairs in your apartment, then you will need to spend money on the work of specialists and spend a lot of money. True, if you look well, you can agree with a high -class master who will do everything in the highest category, and at the same time will not retire a huge amount from you. In our age of market relations, such people are sometimes found, and as a rule, due to a flexible pricing policy, they do not sit without work.