How is it not after six

Was it a bad mood or just idleness in your life? It should be noted that such bad habits do not bring special damage to someone. But some of us once understand that now – no longer earlier, and the minute pleasure of comfort in the stomach is realized on the waist and on the stomach, literally in a week – another. The idea that you need to take up your beloved come to us sooner or later for certain reasons: whether it is your favorite dress that treacherously bursts at the seams, or a loved one who does not pat on a well -known part of the body and saying that you do not go on time “You are my puffy”.

So, we lose weight. The diet of many women is a terrible word, I want to eat and eat from one thought about it, so to speak for the future. Therefore, we will lose weight simply – we will introduce a project called “not eat after six o’clock in the evening” into our lives “.

Why is it important not to eat after six in the evening?  Our body is arranged in such a way that the rate of metabolic processes sharply decreases precisely after six in the evening. Digging of food – labor -intensive and energy -consuming process; Do not eat at night and overload your body with excess work.

So, as is not it after six in the evening?

Just do not eat after six in the evening, but before six to eat so that it is hard until the morning -an extra waste of nerves. Will have to make some adjustments to the usual power order.

In order not to eat after six in the evening you need:

Be sure to have breakfast. In the morning, the metabolic rate is most maximum, so in the morning your body really needs energy. Believe me, if you do not eat after six in the evening, in the morning you will have a great appetite.

Between breakfast, lunch and dinner, there must be mandatory light snacks. Your main task is to prevent the feeling of hunger. Hunger is a stress for the body, the red flag on which in large letters is bred “hunger!!! It’s time to lay off fat in the reserve!!!”. Having lived all day in a state of hunger, the task is not to eat after six in the evening will be impossible.   

Drink a lot of water, one and a half to two liters per day. Drinking should not be earlier than 30 minutes after eating, small sips and small volumes. When consuming a sufficient amount of water, you will improve water-salt metabolism in the body, which is very important for the process of weight loss, and also avoid hunger attacks, which will allow the project “not to eat after six in the evening”.

gradually reduce the amount of food consumed and improve its quality. The volume of food should be 1 cup. The basis of your healthy diet should be: fruits, vegetables, low -fat dairy products, cereals. Refuse frequent tea drinks with cookies – sometimes this first step is enough to see the results.

One of the most important points: you should prepare in advance for a new lifestyle “not after six in the evening” and first of all purchase useful products. Make a menu without fanaticism for the coming week. Provide the presence of a house of low -fat products, fruits and vegetables, whole grains. You must know in advance that during a snack at four in the afternoon you will get a beetroot and apple salad from the refrigerator or a low -fat cottage cheese, otherwise a hungry look, having rummaged through the expanses of the refrigerator, “pour out” a delicious piece of half -smoked sausage.

At first it will be difficult to get used to it not to eat after six in the evening. Therefore, at first, let yourself a glass of low -fat kefir, a light snack of fruit after six in the evening.  

Believe me, the main motivators will be the first 2 kilograms for you, which will leave you in the first week when the project is not in your life “not after six in the evening”. Checked by your own experience.

However, remember, not eat after six in the evening – this is not a temporary measure. It is worth you to return to late dinners and calorie foods, kilograms with a cry “Hurray!»Will return to the left position. And this, you see, is not “good”.