How a hydromassage bath is installed?

In the documentation for the bath, the seller must provide you with an assembly sheet, according to which it is necessary to bring all communications to it. The equipment must be connected to electricity without any additional connections. Using one cable that is installed on the equipment even at the manufacturer, you can connect a bath with one or two massage systems, a bath with a disinfection system, a bathtub with a heater of 1, 5 kW, as well as a bath with two massage systems and backlighting.

The manufacturer advises the connection of hydromassage baths through a special device to protect against shutdown (RCD), as well as use the voltage stabilizer (so the equipment will not be terrible with voltage surges that can ruin it). Be sure to check the tightness of the compounds of water and air pipes, as they can be damaged (shift or weaken) after transportation and installation.

Air tubes should be fixed using clamps, while you should not replace them with wire twisters in any case. After installation, be sure to perform a trial launch of the bath by filling it with water. So you can evaluate the quality of the connection to the sewage system and the tightness of all pipes and connections by which will drain the water. You should also check the connection of flexible hoses with water supply (hot and cold).

Keep in mind that the fittings of pipes in the places of their connection to the carts must have sealing gaskets. Also check the density of tightening their nuts. The bath should be strictly in a horizontal position, the slopes in any direction are unacceptable. Check if the bath is not vibrated during your work. Seal all the connections between the edges of the bath and a nearby surface using silicone or its analogue. Make sure that dirt from the bath does not fall into the water intake and could not cause clogging of the nozzles.