Honey wrap

Another recognized beauties of antiquity used honey wraps to give their skin smoothness and velvety. This is evidenced by the recordings of cosmetic recipes found by archaeologists. And now honey can be found as part of many branded facial skin and body skin care products, it is actively used for cosmetic procedures in beauty salons. What is the reason for the popularity of honey and such a procedure as honey wrapping?

The answer becomes obvious, you just have to look at the composition of honey. Its components are a whole complex of active substances that carry the body health, youth and beauty. High content of antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins (A, C, E, K, N), Minerals (Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Iron), Amino acids make honey one of the most valuable products that have ever been created by nature for humans.

The benefits of honey wrapping and contraindications

Honey wrap is a pleasant and useful procedure that is easy to do at home. By doing this regularly, it is possible to normalize metabolism, increase the body’s protective abilities, improve blood circulation and bring the water balance to normal. The cosmetological effect of honey wraps is no less noticeable: the skin is moisturized, smoothed, its color improves. Not to mention the anti -cellulite effect, which is much better than some expensive branded means.

Honey wrap is not recommended for diseases of the heart and blood vessels, varicose veins, inflammatory and infectious diseases in acute stage, tumors, diabetes and allergies to beekeeping products.

Mixture for honey wrapping

For honey wrapping, you can take both pure natural honey and a product with the addition of different natural cosmetics. It can be essential aromatic oils, dirt, wine yeast, flower pollen, milk, and other natural ingredients. Honey can also be taken different: buckwheat, linden, floral. The effect of honey wrapping will be much larger if you drip into the honey mass a drop of your favorite orange oil or add the dirt of the Dead Sea, rich in minerals.

The mass for honey-milk wrapping is obtained by mixing honey and milk or cream in a ratio of two to one. For honey-alcohol wrap, the mass is done as follows: a glass of honey is mixed with one tablespoon of vodka or alcohol; In the same proportions, honey and natural vinegar for honey-use of wrap are taken.

One of the varieties of honey wrapping is a mustard-honey procedure. For this wrap, a mixture of honey and mustard mass consisting of two tablespoons of dry mustard, two teaspoons of sugar and apple cider vinegar and salt are used – half a teaspoon – half a teaspoon. All ingredients are mixed to get a homogeneous mass. It is left for a day in a warm place and only then mixed with honey one to one and used.

How to make honey wrap

Of course, honey improves the appearance and color of the skin, but the main goal of honey wrap is still losing weight and getting rid of cellulite. If you do the procedures regularly, the care of extra centimeters will be noticeable after a short time.

So, how to do honey wrap?

First, the skin needs to be prepared: steam and clean with a scrub. This tool can be bought or cooked independently by adding salt or coffee thick to the body of the body. Cleaned, steamed skin absorbs the beneficial substances located in honey better.

After applying the honey mass, this part of the body should be wrapped with a cellophane film and leave it for 30-50 minutes. Honey wrapping time can reach up to an hour and a half, here you need to focus on individual preferences and the desired effect.

After removing the honey mass, it is advisable to make a light massage, take a shower and relax for half an hour or even an hour, hiding in a blanket or wrapped in a warm terry robe.

Honey wrapping has a beneficial effect on all the processes of the body and the appearance of the figure, gives positive emotions, gives a charge of energy and vigor.