Home theater room

Home cinema, so popular in our time, has become an integral part of the interior and design of the apartment. The best option if the home theater is located in a separate room. How to equip the interior of the room where a home theater will be equipped? The room for the cinema should be rectangular, since the acoustic characteristics of square rooms are worse.

The location of the home theater in the attic or basement is most successful and optimal. In the first case, the attic rafters and the “wrong” roof shape will provide an excellent opportunity for acoustic correction. In the second case, the plus of the basement is that it has no windows, and the floor is perfectly absorbed by the sound.

The room should not have bulky furniture, which can interfere with the spread of sound. Wheels on wheels, stand stands for disks will be appropriate.

Naturally, upholstered furniture in the home cinema should be convenient, but, located in it, you should not be hidden to bed. Fabric upholstery of sofas, bedspreads, wall upholstery, villous carpets will perfectly “extinguish” acoustic obstacles. Dense curtains will not hurt.

The combination of decors of wooden parts of upholstered furniture, interior as a whole and buildings of speakers and speakers will not allow you to be distracted from action on the screen. The hulls of speakers and Hi-End columns are produced from MDF or multilayer plywood, these materials are ideal for acoustic systems, as they create a dynamic and most natural sound.

We create an interior in the style

If we talk about the interior of the fusion, then it appeared in the late 70s, but gained the greatest popularity only in the 90s. When using this style, it is necessary to pay special attention to the materials, textures, as well as the smallest details. The main distinguishing feature of this style is the mixing of furniture, as well as upholstery materials.

Currently, this style is based on the fact that you can use completely different materials, furniture, as well as color scheme. In addition, the style of fusion implies the use of a large number of decorative elements. If we talk about furniture, then it can be made in the Baroque style, as well as in the high-tech style. It is better to make furniture to order to betray individuality to the interior.

This style can be used not only for the design of houses, but also for apartments, as it has the following features:

– You can combine incongruous.

– Using elements with different colors.

– You can use any lighting device, for example, a floor lamp, a bun, a chandelier.

– You can perform experiments with the textures used.

– Creating an intimate environment.

– complete absence of pastel and light tones.

– a organized mess must be present.

– the materials used, should be closely close to natural.