Harm or benefits

The concept of “electronic cigarette” has entered modern life not so long ago. The development of Japanese scientists quickly gained popularity around the world. Initially, as soon as electronic cigarettes appeared on the market, no one doubted the question, the harm from them or only the benefit. Of course, the second, because, abandoning ordinary cigarettes in favor of electronic ones, a person chose health. The principle of operation of the electronic cigarette is simple: inside the cylinder is a container with a liquid that, when inhalation, begins to evaporate and smoke. Thanks to the built -in LED, the tip of the cigarette flickens like a real light. However, everything is so unambiguous, and yet these technological delights carry benefits or harm to health? The maximum benefit and no harm in electronic cigarettes in the most significant argument in favor of electronic cigarettes is that there is no such harm from them as from real ones, and thanks to taste sensations and smoke, an almost complete analogy is achieved. For such a smoking stick, you can select cartridges with different amounts of nicotine and gradually exclude it from the composition of the smoking mixture. That is why if there is a desire to quit smoking, electronic cigarettes will help to carry it out quickly and painlessly, without harm to the nervous system and with benefit for the lungs. The fluid that refuel interchangeable cartridges does not contain tobacco resins and combustion products, which is also of great benefit for the lungs. Such a device can be used in a place prohibited for smoking, because it does not make a smell. Electronic cigarette is very convenient in circulation: you do not need to carry a lighter with you, ashes do not pour from it, do not look for where to throw the cigarette butt. It can simply be put in your pocket without even documenting. There is no harm, and the benefits of this gadget are obvious. The use of electronic cigarettes is favorable for appearance, because it is known that abuse of nicotine spoils the skin, carries harm to hair and teeth. There is also no smell that are usually impregnated with clothes, hair and personal belongings of a smoker. And the last obvious plus of this device is to save money. Of course, electronic cigarettes are expensive, but if you calculate how much money is spent annually on ordinary nicotine products, the benefit will become obvious. Rather, harm than benefit? Interesting facts about electronic cigarettes on the market have appeared a huge number of electronic cigarettes manufacturers, the products of which are not certified. From such smoking devices it is not known what to wait for more: harm or benefits. The same can be said about liquids in interchangeable cartridges – even if its composition is declared as harmless, it can be impossible to check this. Even WHO has not yet made a decision on the safety of electronic cigarettes for the human body and about the complete absence of any harm. With enviable regularity, rumors appear about their carcinogenic properties. Having read such information, you can involuntarily begin to doubt the obvious benefits of electronic cigarettes and think about potential harm. Some companies conduct research on the safety of these gadgets, the results of which are very different. According to the results of some, electronic cigarettes need to be removed from sales, since there are more harm from them than benefits. Others, on the contrary, recommend these devices to smokers in order to reduce the risk for their health. Manufacturers emphasize the possibility of smoking in prohibited places for this as one of the advantages of electronic cigarettes. There really is no smell, but the smoke is present, and it is not the fact that it will arrange people in the same room with a smoker. In this case, it turns out that there is no harm to the electronic cigarette, and there is little good. Another minus is the preservation of psychological dependence on cigarettes. Instead of making victory over himself and completely abandoning a bad habit, a person continues to depend on smoking. The ritual is preserved, only its tool changes. To make any conclusions about the dangers or benefits of electronic cigarettes early, too little time has passed since their appearance on the market. We need detailed studies of many experts to accurately answer the question of what more people receive from these technological innovations – harm or benefits?