Hair moisturizing at home

Dry lifeless hair is more like straw than hair. They do not give sexuality and attractiveness at all, and even vice versa, the face with such hair looks older. The most effective method to avoid dry hair is to constantly moisturize them. If you do not have the opportunity to attend special moisturizing procedures in the cabin, then you can do this at home.

How to moisten your hair without leaving home?

• First you should exclude factors contributing to dry hair. It is necessary to wash your hair only with warm water, it should in no case be hot. Try to use curves, irons, hairdries, thermal shimmos and so on as little as possible. Salt sea water and the scorching sun also does not help moisturize the hair, so after resting at sea, you must definitely take care of your hair, moisturizing them.

• The humidity of the air in the apartment should be carefully analyzed. Fogging plants will be told about insufficient humidity. A good moisturizer is indoor decorative fountains and aquariums.

• Of course, you need to monitor the diet, in the diet should be included in foods with a high vitamin A content, drink more liquids, and eat food rich in proteins.

• Regular head massage provides the correct circulation of blood to the hair follicles, thereby stimulating the normal condition of the hair.

Hair moisturizing masks 1. Try real homemade moisturizer, connect 2 eggs in a bowl, 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, olive oil and 1 vitamin E capsule (they can be purchased at a pharmacy), mix and apply to the hair and scalp, wrap your head with a towel (creating heat), leave it on 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat the procedure every week.

2. Another popular home remedy is moisturizing with honey. Put a spoonful of honey per 1 liter of water, thoroughly move, pour the mixture on a wet head to massage, rinse with warm water, and let it dry. Honey will make your hair shiny and silky.

3. Another popular remedy all over the world for hair treatment is avocado. Mix one avocado and one banana well, apply the mixture to your head, make a light massage, hold the mixture on your hair for about an hour and then rinse.

Hair moisturizing oil:

Avocado oil is rich in vitamins that maintain silky hair. It also contains amino acids that solder the split ends of the hair and nourish the hair. Various nutrients in avocado oil protects your hair from environmental pollution. So, if you massage the head with avocado oil regularly, then soon you will notice positive changes in the state of your hair. Chemical procedures such as paints and chemical curls can make hair very dry. In such a situation, you can use avocado oil to give vivacity to damaged hair.

Omega-9 castor oil are contained in castor oil and act as an effective moisturizer, thereby helping to overcome dry scalp. Castor oil should be applied in the evening for the whole night, put on a bag and towel, rinse your hair with shampoo in the morning, repeat this procedure once a week.

Useful advice: if you use air or mask air conditioning, but neglect healthy nutrition, this can give disappointing results. Treatment of dry hair is a comprehensive method, which includes proper nutrition and hydration of hair. The hair is 80-85% of the proteins, therefore, eating foods saturated with proteins, you will maintain a natural hair environment, not allowing it to overdry. Although the oils and masks described above for moisturizing hair are effective, all the same, you should not wait for momentary results.