Hair masks at night

Caring for her appearance is as natural for a woman as other vital processes. There is no doubt that one of the main components of the image of a business woman or a romantic flirt is well-groomed, beautiful, brilliant hair. In order for them to have a healthy look, the cosmetic industry offers a rich assortment of hair masks, daytime and at night.

The action of masks applied at night

You can buy expensive, advertised hair cosmetics, and not notice the effect. Why? How many pay attention to recommendations for the use of a particular mask? After all, how high -quality the treatment of security tips or dandruff will be, the degree of moisture depends on the exposure time of beneficial substances on the hair, as well as on the scalp. In our rapid time, a woman rarely when she can afford to apply a mask on her hair during the day and relax for several hours. And the therapy carried out in a hurry, as a rule, has no effect, and the cost of the mask here does not play any role. But in fact, not everything is so bad, because there is such a wonderful thing as hair masks at night.

Masks that need to be kept on the hair all night, there are different types, for every taste and wallet. Also, the mixtures applied for the whole night can be done at home, based on compositions for daily masks, only with the replacement of some ingredients. Masks for treating, strengthening and moisturizing hair at night, it is advisable to use no more than once every one or even two weeks: the night mask affects the hair so actively that your strands can tire your frequent use.

The principle of using all masks for the scalp for the night is one. In the evening, before going to bed, the mask is applied to dry hair and washed off no earlier than after 6 hours, and ideally it is worth leaving a useful composition for the whole night. In order not to stain the bed, you can put a terry towel on the pillow. It is better not to cover your head with anything, it is especially undesirable to wear a special hat – under it the hair and scalp will not be able to breathe. In the morning it is enough to take a light shower, wash your hair with shampoo – and you can enjoy the stunning effect that all masks provide for the hair at night.

Thus, the two main advantages of hair masks at night are a deeper effect and saving of time mass.

Hair masks recipes at night

There are universal masks at night suitable for all hair types. One of them is done like this: the leaves of mountain ash, dandelions and mint in equal quantities are mixed, kneaded, poured with boiling water and insisted for several hours. The resulting grass mass is applied to dry hair in the evening, left overnight, and in the morning it is enough to rinse the strands with warm water.

From masks for damaged dry hair that are left at night, the most popular mask with shea oil (Karit) is the most popular. To prepare the mixture, a small amount of this oil is melted, then a few drops of essential oil (to choose) and vitamins A and E are added to it (sold in the form of oil solutions). It will turn out about 5 tablespoons of oil mass, this amount is enough for short and medium hair length. Shi oil penetrates deeply inside each hair, nourishes and moisturizes it and scalp. You can use other oils – burdock, castor, jozhoba oil, peach. It is advisable to warm any of them before cooking the mask.

Good masks for weakened hair at night can be done by adding a little dimexide to the main mixture – a drug that penetrates through the hair membrane, increasing its throughput for nutrients. A hit among strengthening hair masks at night is a ginger mask. For its preparation, sesame oil and ginger will be required in the form of powder, 1 tablespoon of each product. The ingredients are mixed and rubbed into the hair roots.

The most effective masks for hair growth at night are made of natural components with the addition of dimexide. A simple and effective recipe: mix 2 teaspoons of a given drug, two teaspoons of vitamin A, the same amount of vitamin E (both in oil solutions) and two teaspoons of lemon juice. Rub the resulting mixture into the hair roots and leave it overnight.

To activate hair growth, you can use mustard masks at night. A tablespoon of mustard powder dissolves in a glass of kefir, two egg yolks are driven into the mass. The mixture is applied to the roots and the entire length of the hair. Due to the active action of mustard, such a mask is not recommended to be done more often than once a week.