Grout of the seams

As a finish after work on laying tiles – this is a grout that is carried out for seams. There are many types of grouting. There are those that are designed for wet rooms, for different types of tiles. There is a grout in which the rubber time is limited, that is, it consists of two components and when they are mixed to develop this solution – it is limited. Also, the grout is a certain color and a certain granularity. You can also use special dyes, designed specifically for this.

Twenty -four hours after the laying of the tiles is completed, you can grind the seams. Before the grout itself, it is necessary to clean them of garbage and many glue residues. It’s nice to do this with a vacuum cleaner. A rubber spatula is used for grouting, which has different sizes. Performing movements diagonally, it is necessary to apply the solution at the seam, clogging them to the end. Excess must be removed with a sponge. After partial hardening of the mixture, you can clean and polish tile joints, avoiding deep sample. The finished seam should be 0, 3 millimeters below the surface of the tile – this is almost in equalization with the surface.

Polishing the finished surface occurs after the final hardening. With a damp rag.