Frozen your legs at home – warm yourself!

Когда дома приходится носить теплые носки и тапочки из-за того, что мерзнут ноги, это весьма неприятно. The very first step to solving this problem is to warm the floor.

This will make it possible to maintain heat without additional costs.

The most famous materials used for this are polystyrene foam and mineral wool.

Corporative polystyrene foams of the highest quality has good thermal insulation, does not absorb moisture, does not burn and will last a very long time. If your floor is above the basement or near the soil, insulation with this material will give a good effect.

Mineral wool has similar properties. To insulate the floors, it is made in the form of plates of various stiffness. This is one of the most inexpensive and convenient materials for insulation. Mineral wool is different. Minvata, obtained from rocks, is more durable and reliable than the one that is received from slags. Therefore, if you do not have a summer house or temporary aid, it is better not to save on quality.

If mechanical insulation is not enough, then you can consider various options for electric, water, infrared or film heating, depending on the amount of money that you are ready to spend on comfort.

For the reliability of the building, you need a strong foundation. And the properties of the foundation directly depend on the ground. A wise person will always be convinced first of the possibility and only then begins construction. Professional geological survey for construction guarantees the quality and durability of the construction.