Finishing in the hallway

Many do not consider the hallway of a significant premises in the apartment, which deserves high -quality and full -fledged finishes and this is a completely objective explanation – in the hallway we do not spend much time as, for example, in the kitchen or in the living room. However, do not forget that it is the hallway who escorts us and meets after a hard working day, so you should not treat the hallway in the hallway frivolously – high -quality decoration in this room will never damage, especially when it is made with love.

In standard standard apartments of old series, it is difficult to find a spacious hallway, so for a visual increase in the space of the room you should use several tricks: glue the walls with wallpaper of light and warm shades, and the ceilings can be made mirrored – this is how the hallway will look more spacious. If you do not like to use light shades and colors when decorating, but prefer dark and saturated paints, then you can recommend that you put a wide mirror in the hallway or use several small. Particular attention when decorating the hallway should be paid to the flooring, since it is subjected to the most tangible loads and should withstand significant mechanical influences that shoes inflicts, especially on hairpins and heels. Of course, using a floor or laminate in the hallway is not a very successful idea, but if your apartment has a parquet board everywhere, then you will have to fork out on a particularly strong varieties of this floor covering that are able to withstand serious loads. In addition, an ordinary carpet that is not so expensive looks good in the hallway, but it requires constant wet cleaning from dirt left by shoes. When decorating the hallway, it is necessary to pay special attention to the stylization of the premises, as the decorators advise – it should not radically differ from the finish and stylization that is used in the apartment. In order to brighten up the lack of sunlight, in the hallway, in addition to mirrors, it is recommended to use the so -called glass wallpaper, which not only have an unrivaled look, but also create a unique surroundings, shimmering in the light. Also, when decorating the hallway, try not to forget that the quality of finishing materials should not be determined not to be the eye – always check the marking and certificates of conformity.