Filters for complex water purification

Currently, there are a great many water filters that can fight a variety of types of pollution.

At the same time, universal multifunctional ion -exchange settings were created that can remove iron, organic compounds, manganese, stiffness, nitrates, heavy metals from water from water. Regeneration in such units is carried out by a solution of table salt.

This equipment is automatic, combining the capabilities of the softener and the enlightener. It copes with the processing of low -quality resources with high rigidity and iron content. Such water purification systems are designed to protect against breakdowns of hot water equipment and household appliances. They also significantly improve the consumer quality of drinking water. The resources purified in this way do not leave deposits and rusty drouts on boilers, gas columns, boilers, washing machines and hydromassage baths.

This type of water filters based on ion exchange allows you to simultaneously delete a wide range of pollution, including 96% of rigidity salts. Iron and manganese are removed here of various forms. Ion exchange resin, on the basis of which the cleaning process takes place, depending on the composition of the water can last 5-8 years.

Working modes

Ion exchange systems for water purification are periodic and constant. Intermitted mode of operation is used where the technological cycle of consumption takes place with a break for regeneration. Usually these are the time intervals at 0, 3-2 hours, which occur 1-4 times a week.

Installations consisting of one case with a control unit are designated as Single. Regeneration takes place, as a rule, at night or at another time set by the timer. It is not worth using water during this period, since at the exit from the system the water will be uncleaned.

There are such options for technological processes in which constant supply of purified water is necessary. In these cases, Twin type installations are used, which are a complex of two parallel filters working in turn. Regeneration here passes as necessary, in its process one component of the water purification system becomes regeneration, and the other turns on. They work in turn. The performance here is the same as Single, but the TWIN installation is continuously.

Another version of the filter ion -exchange system is Duplex. Here, two filters are turned on in parallel, but equipped not by one, but two control units. They work at the same time, therefore, the performance comes out double. The regeneration of each block passes as needed alternately. But only one water filter will work in its process, which means that the performance of the system will reduce twice.