Fighting with dampness

They know a lot that dampness can destroy both the facade and the internal walls. Today in free sales there are many means that will help to fight such problems. However, there have always been many specialists recommended to fight the very causes of dampness, even before it appeared. Raw facades can be in old buildings where waterproofing has lost its properties. Or without waterproofing, which has lost its qualities over time.

The walls begin to pull dampness and gradually destroy themselves. The ability of the walls to absorb moisture depends on the density indicators. It depends on the porosity of the material. The most dangerous is moisture especially in the winter period. She is freezing, being in the pores of the material, destroys it. Cracks appear from this. Only dry structures can be able to support the necessary microclimate in the middle of the premises.

The main reason for the raw facades is the wrong installation of water flow systems. This should be treated very carefully, since the further functioning of the room depends on this.