Feminine features in a man

For a long time already sunk into times when women’s and men’s clothing was radically different from each other, and was considered an extremely unimaginable act if the lady tries to herself something from the men’s wardrobe, all the more pants.

However, endless changes in styles, human opinions and worldviews of society led to the modern merger of male and female wardrobes. And what can you not see on modern men: only dresses are not worn yet, but more about women and even more so. But, despite the absurdity of some outfits, in the borrowing of some things from the men’s wardrobe there is also their own share of logic: this is not only the convenience of some of their species, such as jackets and trousers, but also the ability of some primordially male things to give the image some special femininity.

Some kind of magical content of the female in the male allows you to give the image something elusively tender and defenseless. This happens in an invisible struggle of contrasts: a rough and massive male thing and a fragile and delicate female body. See how weak a woman immediately seems to choose a rough women’s bag. And how thin and elegant is a hand, if a massive hand clock with a wide leather strap seems on it? Let’s go through your spouse’s wardrobe in search of objects that can increase your attractiveness in his eyes. This will not only fill you with new ideas, but also temporarily deprive the urgent problem of “what to put on”.

– Men’s shirt. A male shirt dressed on a naked body is generally a peak of sexuality and femininity, however, in this form, of course, you do not look like a city. Modern fashion designers offer many models of female “male” shirts for every day. This is not only comfortable everyday household clothing, but also with the correct selection of color, style and combination with other things will make your image more stylish. – The aforementioned men’s watches, as well as wide and not very leather belts, are also the original male detail of the toilet. I think that you yourself know how elegant is a wide belt on a thin air dress or in other very diverse combinations. – A rough leather jacket or jacket is able to make any, a well -fed girl not only very stylish, but at the same time, fragile and feminine. – Telnyashka-not only has an action that is similar to a men’s shirt, but thanks to the blue and blue stripes, incredibly refreshes the appearance. And you do not have to get the desired thing to get someone on the Airborne Forces, now designers offer a huge amount of all sorts of different things in the treasured strip. – Rough jeans, cowboy hats and Millitarian style boots have long entered the women’s wardrobe, so we will not dwell on them. – A tie is also an unsurpassed accessory, especially to a strict shirt. – Men’s Retro style hat. – The most diverse types of jackets in the male style or similar design.

The above list of details is far from new, and all the more not full, only for some reason, choosing something new, we go to the hangers with dresses and the usual, non-distinguished blouses in the style of “like everyone”.

No need to be shy, just turn on the imagination! Remember, the legislators of the fashion were loved not for the fact that they dress like everyone around them, but for bringing a fresh stream to the wardrobe eating moths. The same Coco Chanel was the adherent of the “feminine” style and is still a standard of style. The main thing is to remember the most basic rule of style – never overdo it. You need to choose one bright thing, and not put half a marital cabinet on yourself. Make sure that your highlight on the cake does not turn into one of the dried fruits in the compote.