Female rules

It was most difficult for me to write this article: “About the site”. Because I knew that I was not writing about the site as a whole, but first of all about myself. Therefore, I nurtured this article for several months, I wrote on a line with a break of several days (as if not to say excess, so as not to be condemned and, as it were, it is beautiful to say this to be envied). So, a little, I wrote an article: “About the site” ..

The idea of ​​the site itself has been born for a long time, as long as a year passed. She suddenly arose: somehow in the morning, after the subsequent tearful party, I sat in the kitchen with a friend and discussed how lucky we were with her, that we know how to go to a particular party, how good we know where to buy by discounts, going to beauty salon. We discussed the coming evening (in the morning it was difficult to call it-it was somewhere around four days, and even winter). There was a sea of ​​plans for the evening, but where we will get today, we still did not know. And as always I had to turn on the computer and climb several sites. We collected all the information: where, what kind of party is today, how much entrance costs, which cafe we ​​could go to just sit and chat, but not to waste a lot. … I had to go to relaxation and three hundred and sixty. It was at that moment that I suddenly realized that neither relaxation, nor three hundred sixty did not suit me.   Why? Because they write beautifully, but not what actually! They write about any place positively. But is it really all in the world of clubs and all in the world of restaurants the very best?! Of course not!

Somehow these reviews smooth out the reviews of real visitors, but they are diluted with purchased reviews. … That evening I realized that I would like to know such a site where the truth about prices will be written, the truth about the staff, the truth about what audience will be in a particular club, and not beautiful inventions. I wanted real reviews.

In addition, they never write on any site where you can find free entrances, how to find these free entrances (yes, they indicate that on such and such a day you can come and enter for free, but on the holidays-nothing). Then I realized that “my ideal site” should also contain the heading: “How and where you can get free or almost free?”. (We have a rubric of a place and a beautiful life).

I wanted to find useful tips on this site on how to dress, paint and just communicate with clubs in clubs: after all, all this is not so simple, and we studied all this ourselves ..

It was then that I decided that my campaigns in clubs had to result in nothing more than a perfect site, an ideal site in which any, the same as me or as my friend can find everything that any girl, woman needs ..