Female Football World Cup

Women’s football, World Cup 2015 attracts attention no less than male championship. It is held, like male, every four years. The first tournament was held in 1991, and now it is constantly held next year, after the male mundial. Only sixteen teams reach the final tournament. The team of the host country takes part. Since the next championship is held in Canada, the Canadian team participates in the final stage automatically.

Help: The first women’s world championship was held in 1991, in China. Then the national team of North America won Norway with a score of 2: 1, the third place was taken by the Sweden team.

Favorites in women’s football

At the moment, the most titled women’s football team is the United States national team. They “on the heels” come a German team that has almost a similar amount by the number of prizes and in recent years more often wins the titles of the strongest team of the planet. For example, the American team took first place twice. The German team too. The second place teams took an equal number of times, one at a time. But the US national team took third place three times, and the Germans only once. In their assets, the national teams of Norway and Japan have one gold. Moreover, Japanese are current world champions. Brazil, China, Sweden, France are considered strong teams.

Female football stars

As in men’s football, and in the female there are their leaders. Nadine Kessler, Nill Fisher and Martina Müller are currently the best football players in Europe. All of them play in the same team, “Wolfsburg”. The national team of the United States includes, perhaps, the best goalkeeper of the world, which is Hope Solo, they say in his business, it has no competitors at all. Alex Morgan Next player worthy of attention. For 20 matches, she managed to score seven goals, which is a good result.

Five times in a row, the best football player in the world became Marta Viyira da Silva from the Brazilian national team, where she is an attacker. You can continue the list of the most-most-most, the press periodically appears the ratings of the most beautiful and sexy football players of the mundial.

Conducting the World Cup in 2015

The 2015 Women’s Football Championship will be held in Canada. The championship will begin on June 6 and last until July 5, 2015. Six Canadian cities will take 24 participating teams. The largest and most famous stadium of Canada is the Olympic stadium of Montreal. He accommodates over 60 thousand spectators. The next stadium is located in the city of Edmonton (the stadium holds almost 61 thousand spectators). Vancouver stadium holds about 54 thousand seats. The capacity of the Winnipeg stadium is 33, 5 thousand seats. Ottawa stadium has 26, 5 thousand seats. The smallest number of spectator seats is located at the stadiums of the herds of Saputo (Montreal) and in Monkton.

Unlike the previous world championship, 24 teams will take part in 2015 in 2015. Eight seats have been announced from Europe, five seats from Asia, from Africa – three places, six places were announced from Northern, Central and South America in general difficulties. Further one place from Oceania, as well as Norway, Portugal, Belarus and Iran.

Recall that Canada, along with Zimbabwe, applied to the FIFA sports committee, but when considering applications, the candidacy of Zimbabwe, as the hostess of the championship, was rejected, due to the low level of football development in the country. So, Canada remained the only contender. Interesting, but each of the 24 teams will meet with its opponent only once.