Face gymnastics from wrinkles

The loss of elasticity of the muscles of the face and sagging of the skin is the cause of wrinkles on the face. As a rule, wrinkles that have already appeared on the face can be eliminated only thanks to the intervention of a plastic surgeon. Therefore, cosmetologists and doctors unanimously advise preventing the appearance of wrinkles than to eliminate them. Facial gymnastics from wrinkles will help you the best. Of course, you can use a variety of cosmetics to moisturize the skin and preserve its youth, the benefit in stores is now a huge selection of all kinds of creams, masks and tonics. But it should be remembered that muscles still need training, such as gymnastics for the face from wrinkles, and without exercise you cannot achieve the desired result.

Facial gymnastics from wrinkles are physical exercises for the muscles of the face and, like any physical activity, gymnastics for the face from wrinkles requires certain rules, due to the non-compliance of which gymnastics for the face from wrinkles can give a negative effect. Firstly, before performing exercises, apply the cream to the face should not. Secondly, after performing exercises, be sure to wash with cool water and apply your daily cream. The best pose is so that the gymnastics for the face from wrinkles gives the most positive and long effect, the pose of sitting is considered, the back should be straight and the neck is flat.

Facial gymnastics from wrinkles: a set of exercises.

Exercises are common, but are intended for a particular part of the face. But any complex should begin with a warm -up. Relax your shoulders, put your hands on them and begin to describe circles with your elbows, gradually increasing the radius of circles.   Then sit evenly and, while keeping your head in a vertically position, alternately turn your head to your left shoulder, then to the right. Repeat several times. Then raise your shoulders to your ears and lower them again. Make a few approaches.

Facial gymnastics from wrinkles: forehead.

To perform this exercise, it is necessary to tightly press the fingertips to the roots of the hair and massage the skin, performing circular movements. Then attach three fingers of each hand to the forehead and press a little, then raise the eyebrows, overcoming the resistance.

Face gymnastics from wrinkles: eye area.

The following exercises will help to avoid “goose legs” and support the skin of the eyelids in tone. Make a few clicks on the inner corners of the eyes with index fingers. Look slowly the top, slowly down, then right and left. Follow several approaches.

Facial gymnastics from wrinkles: neck and chin.

Open, then sharply close your mouth, trying to make a sound like cotton. Relax, then strain your neck muscles for a few seconds, relax again.

Remember that any exercises become effective only with their systematic and regular implementation. Facial gymnastics from wrinkles is no exception. Be beautiful! loading…