Eyelages at home

This material presents the best recipes on the topic “Eyerages at home”. The most important thing is that your eyelashes will require you at home should be daily for a long time-1-2 months.

Each cilia requires attention and daily nutrition. It is best to carry out procedures before bedtime, after washing. Be sure to carry out the skin cleansing the leather the procedure twice a day – in the morning and evening.

It is perfectly strengthened by eyelashes at home based on oil mixtures made of sea buckthorn, castor, romance oil, enriched with vitamins A and E or carrot juice.

Perfectly cares for eyelashes and skin of the eyelids compresses with a mix of 50% of rum and 50% of caststle oil.

Strengthens eyelashes at home with an oil mixture. It is easy to cook it yourself. For this, almond oil, linseed, pink, castor, germs of wheat and grape seeds in equal proportions are suitable. Any essential oils are added by a pair of drops.

Centuries -old practice proves that almond oil stimulates growth. Rejuvenates the skin of the eyelids and eyelashes at home using pink oil. Castor oil is most often used that can feed and activate metabolic processes.

Cleans from carcass eyelashes at home, using peach oil. Burdock oil stimulates growth and makes eyelashes thick.

Castor oil – perfectly cares for eyelashes as an independent product, but even more effectively acts in mixtures of sea buckthorn and fir oil with the addition of retinol.

A good effect gives on eyelashes to care at home in the form of oil extracts of chamomile and calendula. They have a softening, nourishing and anti -inflammatory effect. Small abrasions and damage heal on the eyelids, improve metabolic processes, tone and strengthen eyelash follicles, improve the hair structure.

In spring and summer, care at home perfectly affects eyelashes using parsley. Finely chop a pinch of parsley, add aloe juice and castor oil. Apply the mixture in circular motions forever every day at night.

Quickly strengthen eyelashes at home based on home -made balm. For its preparation, mix in equal parts aloe juice, burdock and castor oil, tocopherol (vitamin e solution). Fill with a mixture a clean bracematic, apply a brush at night.