Exercises for pregnant women

Any woman is able to give birth to a healthy child and without special physical trainings, but certain exercises for pregnant women will give birth more simple and painless.

To help yourself safely and without any experiences to give birth to a child, you need to turn the lower part of your body and spine into a flexible “rubber”. That is, the joints (joints) of the pelvis should become flexible, and muscles capable of extreme stretching. All this can give exercises for pregnant women, which we will give below.

First of all, we develop the lower part of the spine (sacrum) and the joints of the pelvis. These departments of your body will have to “move” slightly during the release of the child from your uterus. Moreover, this exercise for pregnant women is a kind of anesthesia from annoying back pain.

So, the exercise is starting from the original position: having knelt down, the pregnant woman spreads them 20 cm from each other, and also puts his hands on the floor. There should be about 30 cm between the hands, and the hips must be put in a vertical position.

This exercise is called pregnant women “rocking pelvis”. Because from the starting position, a woman, making a slow deep breath, should bend her back, while trying to raise the buttons, the pelvis and buttocks are tense). After which the reverse movement begins – the backing of the back along with the slow exhalation. This is a peculiar rocking that must be performed very smoothly, because it is an exercise for pregnant women who wear a fragile baby in themselves. To achieve the effect, repeat this cycle 10 times.

Another exercise for pregnant women is aimed at stretching the muscles located on the inside. This muscle group is involved in almost the entire process of childbirth, since the woman in labor is forced to lie with her feet diluted in different directions. In this position, the baby is easiest to be born.

This exercise for a pregnant woman will perform as easily as the previous. You need to go down to the floor and cross your legs (lotus posture or Turkish). It is important that the feet are reduced, and the knees are maximally divorced. Having accepted the initial position of this exercise, the pregnant woman needs to put his forearms on the lower leg. We grab the ankles with your palms, and press the elbows to your knees, trying to lower them to the ground.

This exercise should also be performed smoothly, sharp movements are not allowed. It is impossible for a pregnant woman to feel discomfort or pain during the exercises.

In addition to the described exercises, pregnant women can be advised to sit in the Turkish pose as often as possible and squatting, as this contributes to the smooth stretching of the necessary muscles. In addition, in any free (or non -free) minute, compress and relax the muscles of the crotch, then you will have much more chances to give birth without seams and ruptures.

These exercises will be enough for pregnant women, because their goal is to help themselves at a crucial moment, and not in passing the standards or receiving a cup in competitions.