Exercise for weight loss

Nowadays, many boys and girls suffer from excess weight. Every day, millions of inhabitants of the globe torment themselves with exhausting physical training, try all kinds of diets and constantly seek new ways of losing weight. The struggle with extra pounds is not always given the desired results. It seems that you are doing everything possible and impossible to remove several extra centimeters from the waist – you don’t eat practically anything, practice fasting days, and there is no effect from such weight loss. In fact, losing weight quickly and effectively, limiting yourself only in nutrition is impossible. It is necessary to perform special physical exercises for weight loss. The choice of a complex of physical exercises for weight loss of course, any regular physical activity for a long time will necessarily give a positive effect. However, a special complex of physical exercises for weight loss will allow you to find the desired forms much faster. It is only necessary to have incredible patience, zeal and perseverance in achieving the intended goal – weight loss. The choice of physical exercises for losing weight will depend not so much on your preferences as on what part of the body you want to put in order – lose weight or pump up muscles. If you do not suffer from obesity, it is better to give preference to shaping, aerobics, gymnastics or just regularly run in the morning. In order to correctly perform physical exercises for weight loss and evenly distribute the load, an instructor consultation is necessary. Therefore, it is better to play sports not at home, but in the gym or shaping center, where you will be provided with consultation on losing weight issues. Be sure to bring with you a certificate from the doctor that certain types of physical activity are not contraindicated to you. Whatever complex of physical exercises for weight loss you choose, it must be remembered that in a few weeks the body adapts to the same load. At this point, it is very important to diversify physical exercises, introduce some new elements. Exercises for weight loss at home are best done about two hours before meals. So that it is not boring and dreary, you can choose musical accompaniment to taste or invite a girlfriend for the company. Be sure to start physical exertion in a great mood, and select a set of exercises for weight loss that you like. Exercise for weight loss can be aimed at combating excess centimeters in the abdomen, hips, buttocks, legs. Each woman has its own problem area, which is very, very difficult to put in order. Someone has excess fat from the abdomen “flies” literally after several physical training, while others unsuccessfully fight this misfortune for many months. The most common physical exercises for weight loss in the abdomen are: twisting and reverse twisting, lifting the body, lifting of the legs: • Twisting and reverse twisting. This exercise must be performed with a small amplitude. You should lie on the floor, tightly pressing the lower back to it. Bend your legs in your knees, directing your elbows in different directions, get your hands behind your head. On inspiration, you need to tear off the shoulder blades and head, raising the chin up. On exhalation we return to the starting position. With reverse twisting on inspiration, we tear off not only the head and shoulder blades from the floor, but also the pelvis. • Raise our legs. It is very important to perform this exercise with a large amplitude. Starting position – to sit on a chair close to the back. On the exhale, raise our legs to the case, on inspiration we return to its original position. So that your legs always look beautiful, and the muscles are fit and strong, the following physical exercises for losing weight of the legs should be performed: Exercise No. 1. Lying on your back, breed out -of -the -way legs to the sides and make them together again. Perform exercise very slowly. Exercise number 2. Lying on the floor, raise one leg upward, while the toe must be pulled over to yourself. Return to the starting position. In a few approaches, be sure to change your leg. Exercise number 3. Stand around the wall and take a lot of hands into it. Bend one leg in the knee, put it on the shin of the other leg. Change your legs. Physical exercises for losing weight of the buttocks are quite simple and effective: exercise No. 1. Lie on your back, rest your feet into the wall. Try to tear the pelvis and buttocks from the floor without tearing the body. Need to do 10 approaches. Exercise number 2. Sitting on the floor, grab one knee with your hands and pull it to the chest. Fix the position for 20 seconds and return to the starting position. Repeat the same with the other foot. When doing physical exercises for losing weight, do not forget about proper nutrition, which will help you achieve the set goals, namely weight loss.