Elimination of defects on the ceiling

Over time, on many ceilings, paint may fade, whitewashing begins to disappear or wallpaper yells. To solve this problem, you must first break all the work into stages.

In the first stage, the old layer of whitewashing, wallpaper or paint is removed. Until the base, it is necessary to remove water -based paint or whitewashing. To remove whitewashing, you need to moisten it with water, and then remove the swarming layer with a brush or spatula. Construction washed off water -based paint.

In the second stage, putty or primer is carried out. This action can be performed yourself or use the help of professional plastering.

The third stage includes the choice of coating for the ceiling and applying it to the surface. If the ceiling is perfectly leveled, then any type of coating will look good, whether wallpaper or water -based paint. It is worth remembering that any coating has a different “life span” of water -based paint can be repainted at any time, the wallpaper is crossed. However, chalk whitewashing turns yellow quickly enough, so it must be updated once every one or two years.