DIY kitchen repair

Nowadays, few people decide to make repairs in the apartment with their own hands. Especially if you have to repair the kitchen with your own hands. Most prefer to hire specialists to perform all the work: from design to design. But this pleasure costs a lot of money, but the repair of the kitchen with your own hands will give you the opportunity to save a decent amount of money and do everything as you want exactly you. If you have time and desire to carry out the repair of the kitchen with your own hands, read our article, where you will find a lot of useful tips, and start.

DIY kitchen repair: where to start.

Start, first of all, by drawing up a work plan. Believe me. This will not take much time, but you will clearly know what stage follows, and you will not “spray”. To do this, you need to clearly imagine what your kitchen will look like after repair. The latest stage of preparation in order to carry out the repair of the kitchen with your own hands will be the purchase of all the necessary materials. Tip: take materials with a margin.

Do -it -yourself kitchen renovation: exemption of the territory.

After you decide what you will do with the kitchen, proceed to the liberation of the territory. Dismantle and carry out all the furniture and appliances, do a general cleaning, cleaning the room from debris and dirt, remove the wallpaper from the walls, and the tiles from the floor.

DIY kitchen repair: windows.

It is best to start repairing the kitchen with your own hands with the dismantling of old and installing new windows. It’s just worth saving and not worth it on their installation, trust the specialists, otherwise the incorrectly installed window can adversely affect the entire renovated area in the form of mold or drafts.

DIY kitchen repair: electrical wiring and communications.

The next stage is the installation of electrical wiring, which will be needed for electrical appliances and lighting. Do not forget about the ventilation system and hood, plumbing equipment. After that, you can start aligning the walls and preparing them for sticking wallpaper and laying tiles.

DIY kitchen repair: priming and putting walls.

Process the walls with a primer and let it dry completely. Then take a spatula, apply putty, level the walls and smear all cracks. After the putty dries, the surface must be treated with sandpaper so that the surface becomes flat and smooth.

DIY kitchen repair: floor.

Clean the floor of debris and dust, align the floor using a primer and putty, although a screed is still an ideal option. Start laying tiles best from the window. Constantly check the level, otherwise the tile will lie uneven. Between the tiles, insert the crosses so that the distance between the tiles is the same. When the tile is laid and washed, apply grout.

DIY kitchen repair: ceiling.

Here the choice is yours. It can simply be painted with water -based paint, put slabs made of polystyrene foam, make the ceiling with suspended. It all depends on your wishes and the size of your wallet.

When you carry out the repair of the kitchen with your own hands, do not forget that you are doing the repair not for a year or for two, but at least five years, or maybe more. Therefore, take the repair responsibly, and your kitchen will serve you for many years and will delight you and surprise your guests.